How To Get Out Of Your Head and Move

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So how’s the movement going? Are you getting more of it in your day?

As I said in The Shocking Truth About Exercise post, anything you do that exerts physical activity counts as exercise. Which means it’s easy to get movement in your day, even when you can’t get a full exercise session in.

I know getting back into exercising on the regular is a challenge. Believe me, I’m no exercise lover. In fact, I had my first “in the gym” exercise session two days ago, my first in more than a year.

I do a lot of stretching on a daily basis, I walk several miles a week and I occasionally throw a yoga session in there, but I hadn’t been committing myself to regular exercise.

But you know what? When you move regularly, you build up momentum.

Then you start to feel good, your energy is higher and you’re a lot more positive than usual. Then weeks down the line you are feeling so good you start to wonder why you haven’t kept up with an exercise routine in the past.

Don’t Look Back

The important thing is not to look back to the past. It doesn’t matter why you didn’t keep up with exercising in the past. What matters is that you want to start doing it right now, today.

It’s the commitment to change that matters, the past is over and done with.

That said, I bet you still haven’t really committed yourself to exercising regularly. And that’s fine. You have to do it when the commitment feels right for you.

In the mean time thou, you can always dance in your living room.

A Dance A Day

I know it sounds goofy, but do you realize how much fun it is to just throw on some music and dance like a fool? If you don’t, it’s because you’ve never tried it.

Which is why you should.

As soon as you can, turn on some music and dance. Listen to the music and move your body to the beat. Try to dance for at least the length of the song (but I bet you’ll want to keep going!).

Wait ’til no one’s home if you’re self conscious, but I say make the others join in!

Try to do this every day for a week.

Will this activity make you a creative genius? Probably not in and of itself. But it will get you out of your head for a little while. Who couldn’t use that?

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