How To Heal Split Energy

For anyone not familiar with the phrase, “split energy” is when you’re constantly going back and forth on something. One minute it’s this, the next minute it’s that. 

Back and forth you go. Over and over again.

That’s split energy. And split energy comes from one thing and one thing only: You haven’t made a decision yet (even if you think you have).

When you make a decision and fully back it, there’s no wavering. There’s no questioning. There’s no back and forth. 

There’s simply the decision you’ve made, you are standing behind it in all ways, and you will allow nothing less. 

The way to heal split energy is to finally and fully make a decision. 

This is the part that’s most challenging for people. 

A question I get asked a lot by my clients is: How do I know when I’ve made a decision? 

This is a really great question and one I wanted to be able to clearly answer for them (and for you). 

So I created a Decision Chart, to show you (and them) what it looks like to make a decision, and exactly what’s involved in making said decision.

Below you’ll see three pics of the Decision Chart I made. 

One is a blank chart (for reference). The other two show you what it looks like when you have split energy, and when you’ve actually made a decision.

There are six specific factors involved with making a decision. Those factors are:

  1. Desire — what you want
  2. Belief — what you believe you want
  3. Thoughts — how you think about what you want
  4. Feelings — how you feel about what you want
  5. Intentions — what you intend about what you want
  6. Actions — how you act in alignment with what you want

When you haven’t fully made a decision, you have split energy. Split energy is when you’re not at 100% in all six of these areas.

Once you’re clear on where you fall on the Decision Chart, you’ll know exactly what you need to work on to heal your split energy and get yourself to 100% in all of the decision areas. 

Why do you want to heal your split energy? ‘Cause split energy will never help you manifest the thing(s) you desire. 

To manifest what you want, you must be a vibrational match for it, and that requires you to have no split energy. 

So make a decision. Figure out where you’re not fully backing that decision. And then get yourself to 100% in all of the Decision Chart areas.

When you’re at 100%, you’re being a vibrational match for the thing that you want (aka the decision you’ve made).

And when you’re being a vibrational match consistently for a period of time, the thing you want (or something even better) has to show up in your life. It is law. 

Dream life or bust,

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Charting the Six Factors Involved in Making a Decision
Example Decision Chart When You Have Split Energy
100% Decision Chart = You’ve Actually Made a Decision

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