How To Make Writing Less Lonely

By Jennifer Blanchard

It has been said that writing is the loneliest job on the planet. And it definitely can be if you let it.

Some writers enjoy the solitude of writing. Spending time alone with their computer makes them happy.

But if you’re a writer who enjoys being social and wants company while you write, here are some ideas:

  • Form a Writing Roundtable–Gathering a group of writers together to review and discuss each other’s work is a great way to stay social and make writing less lonely.
  • Create a Writing Retreat with Your Writer Friends–Invite all your writing friends over, make some snacks and spend the afternoon writing together. Make sure you take breaks to chat or just hang out together, too.
  • Write in a Public Place–If you avoid writing sometimes because you don’t like the solitude, writing in a public place could be a big help. Although not everyone around you will be writing, at least you’ll be surrounded by people. This could make for interesting conversations or scenes in your novel or short story, as well.
  • Host a Creative Evening–For those of you who don’t have any local writer friends, you can host a “creative evening” where you invite all your creative friends over to work on their projects. I hosted a night like this a few months ago. My friends are stampers and scrapbookers, but having us all being creative in the same room kept me writing. And I felt less lonely.
  • Write with Your Pet–If you have a pet, like a cat or dog, then you’ll never really be lonely while you’re writing. My puppy sits on my feet a lot while I’m writing. And my friend’s cat sits on her desk while she’s typing away.

How do you make writing less lonely? Or do you enjoy the solitude?

About the Author: Jennifer Blanchard is founder of Procrastinating Writers. Be sure to follow her on Twitter.

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