How To Quantum Shift A Limiting Belief

A limiting belief is simply a negative thought that limits what’s possible for you, one that you’ve thought over and over and over again, to the point that you now believe it’s true. Limiting beliefs live in your subconscious mind, and your subconscious mind has only one job: photocopy into your life experience/physical reality whatever is programmed in it. 

This is why you can sometimes experience the same negative things over and over again. 

It’s not because there’s something wrong with you. You just have subconscious programming that’s working against you and stopping you from getting what you want. 

Typically, it takes repetition across a number of days (around 21 days, give or take), to get a new belief to penetrate your subconscious mind. And that’s if you’re committed to doing the work and being consistent.

But over the years, I’ve discovered that there are actually a couple of ways to quantum shift a limiting belief and reprogram a new one almost instantly. (And I define quantum shifting as cutting way down on the amount of time it takes to do something, like changing a limiting belief.)

Those two ways are:
1. Extreme Evidence
2. Acting As If

Let’s dig into each of them.

1. Extreme Evidence

Here’s one that most people can relate to (unfortunately): betrayal. 

Betrayal is a very extreme piece of evidence.

One day, you’re totally in love with someone, so thrilled and happy with their existence, and believing they’re a good person who loves and respects you. And then the next day, you find out they cheated on you. 

Suddenly, those things you used to feel, think, and believe about this person have shifted. You almost instantly have new thoughts and beliefs about them and who they actually are.

And those new thoughts and beliefs and feelings can be enough to change your entire world (and theirs) forever.

Here’s another example: have you ever thought a certain food was bad for you (or good for you), but then you watched a documentary about it or read a series of credible articles that told you otherwise? 

Suddenly, you have a whole different opinion and outlook on this food. You’re even willing to eat it now (or stop eating it), when before you weren’t. 

Your thoughts and beliefs about this food changed instantly. You had a quantum shift.

And here’s an example from my life: back in 2015 and prior, I didn’t believe it was possible for me to be a bestselling author on Amazon. I thought I needed a bigger audience, more books, and a whole bunch of other things I felt unqualified for. 

Then in early 2016, I met an author who I strongly resonated with, and she had written and published 47 books. Forty-six of them had hit number one in her category on Amazon. 

She was a bestselling author on Amazon x46!!

This extreme evidence showed me what was possible. It immediately changed how I’d been thinking and what I believed was possible and available for me. I no longer had those old thoughts and beliefs anymore.

I made a decision: if she could do it that many times, I could do it at least once.

Four months later, my book, Align Your Writing Habits To Success, hit #1 in my category and I became a bestselling author on Amazon.

Extreme evidence can help you to collapse time and quantum shift any limiting belief you currently have.

2. Acting As If

The other way I know of to quantum shift a limiting belief and reprogram a new one instantly, is to act as if the new belief is already true. Even before it is.

The example coming to mind for me right now is when I decided to change my limiting belief that said I wasn’t worthy of the kind of guy I wanted to date. 

That was a belief I held for most of my life, thanks to programming I got in my middle school years that told me the guys I like never like me back and that I wasn’t good enough to get or keep the guy I wanted. And that programming held on for a long ass time.

Until after my divorce went down and I finally realized I deserved better. 

Except my programming kept me from getting that better. I continued to go for guys who weren’t emotionally available and who were just not that into me, even though I was really into them. 

After yet another lame situation with a guy I was super into, who didn’t feel that way about me, I finally decided I was done. 

I decided I was going to see myself as worthy of the kind of guy and relationship I wanted. And then I also decided that I was going to act as if I already believed and felt worthy (even though I was still not fully feeling it) by doing the things I would do if I did.

The first action of which, was putting an end to–especially energetically–the situation with the guy who was just not that into me. 

It was probably one of the hardest things I’ve done, as this was a person I had loved for such a long time. But I knew he wasn’t ultimately right for me, and that I was worthy of so much more; that I was worthy of a guy who was just as into me as I am them. 

So I decided to act like I believed and felt that way.

Doing so actually shifted my inner feeling state completely. All of the limiting beliefs I had around what I deserved, got to have and was worthy of in another person and a relationship disappeared.

Not long after that, I manifested the most amazing guy and relationship that I’ve ever had. 

By acting as if I already believed I was worthy and deserving of the kind of person and relationship I wanted–even when I didn’t yet–I instantly reprogrammed the limiting beliefs that said otherwise. Once those beliefs were changed, I was able to attract something totally different into my life. 

Yes, it’s true that it typically takes a lot of time and repetition to change your subconscious inner programming and mindset around limiting beliefs. But that doesn’t always have to be the case.

You can get clear on what you want right now, and then start acting as if it’s already true while going out there and also finding extreme examples that show you what’s possible. If you do, you can reprogram that old BS almost instantly.

What limiting belief do you want to reprogram? Share in the comments.

Dream life or bust,


P.S. Acting as if you already are the person you desire to be and already have the things you desire to have is the fastest way to collapse time to have it and become it right now. 

I am a master at acting as if and have acted as if my way into so many manifestations, including becoming a bestselling author on Amazon, calling in soulmate love, buying the Jeep I always dreamed of and even getting a spot in a sold-out Soul Cycle class.

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