How To Use A List of 100 To Overcome Creative Blocks

Even though I don’t believe in “artist’s block” or “writer’s block,” I know that most artists/writers do. So I wanted to share with you this awesome creative un-blocking exercise I came across the other day on Twitter.

It’s called the “List of 100” and it’s an exercise that forces you to work quickly, let go of your inner editor and just let your responses flow.

It’s super easy to do and can help you generate ideas, answers, clarity-

2 Replies to “How To Use A List of 100 To Overcome Creative Blocks”

  1. Dear Jennifer:
    I applaud your emphasis on creating a List of 100. I often use this technique to help my writing and content marketing clients.

    Often the first step towards writing a book, or, even more important, blogging a book, is to identify 100 discrete ideas. Once identified and placed in a list, or mind map, they can be organized into chapters and scheduled as blog posts.

    Thank you for highlighting this idea in your very helpful and informed blog.

    Roger C. Parker

    1. @Roger I never thought about using the list of 100 to organize/plan a book. That’s a cool idea, too. Thanks for suggesting it!

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