How To Use Bioindividuality To Feel Your Best

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As the challenge moves closer and closer to the finish line, you may be wondering about permanency. How can you make all the changes you’ve been testing over the last couple weeks permanent?

Permanent changes come from one thing: knowing your body and its response to food. Knowing what foods make it feel good, what foods make it feel bad and everything in between.

The only way you get to know your body is to experiment. Try out different diets to find what works for you. That’s right, I said what works for you.

Not what works for the person next to you or what works for your mom or your sister. What works for you.


There’s a concept I learned while earning my Health Coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. It’s called bioindividuality.

What it means is you are unique, and what’s good or bad for your body may not be the same for others.

There is no one-size-fits-all diet. You have to test out different ways of eating to determine what makes you feel your best.

For example, maybe you only feel full when you have meat in your meal. If you eat a vegetarian meal, you’re hungry twenty minutes later. In this case, you would want to include small amounts of high-quality meat in your daily meals.

Or maybe eating meat makes you feel bad, like you just ate a brick. You tend to feel much better when you have little-to-no meat in your meals. In this scenario, a vegetarian diet may work best for you.

Test and track, that’s how you figure it out.

Real Life Examples

One of my good friends was a vegetarian for most of her life, but she never felt quite right. So when she was working her way through her Health Coaching certification (she’s the one who got me interested in the school), she started testing out different dietary theories, including meat-eating theories.

She soon found that she does really well with a little bit of meat in her diet, and that soy/tofu was actually what was keeping her from feeling her best. So now she eats a little bit of high-quality meat in her diet.

And my story goes a little something like this: I always had mysterious symptoms that my doctors couldn’t explain. I was the child who had ear infections or sinus infections on a monthly basis. No one knew why.

While I was getting my Health Coaching certification, I started testing myself for possible food allergies/sensitivities and it turns out I’m not only allergic to dairy but I’m allergic to gluten as well. It’s been almost three years since I stopped eating both dairy and gluten/wheat and I’ve never felt better.

The point is you have to find what works for you. I know it’s hard not to listen to this article or that news story pointing you to a new fad diet that “works for everyone and helps you lose tons of weight and look like you’re 20 years old again…”

But you have to just ignore everything and instead discover what works for you.

How This Affects Creativity

When you’re fueling your body with the right foods, the foods it needs to function at a high level, your creativity will skyrocket. You’ll have the energy and brainpower you need to see yourself through your writing sessions, over and over and over again.

It’s amazing the amount of clarity you have when you’re eating food that nourishes your body. You’ll not only be able to remember your ideas, but you’ll be able to communicate them on the page. You’ll feel “sharp” like you haven’t felt in years (or ever).

Don’t you want that “on” feeling? Don’t you want to be at that place where your creative well is constantly flowing?

You can get there. Step one is knowing the foods that work for you.

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