How To Use Food To Inspire Your Creativity

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Creativity exercises are a really effective way to jump-start you imagination and get yourself on a writing roll. Of course, creativity isn’t only necessary when you’re writing.

You use creativity a lot more than you realize. You can even get creatively inspired in other aspects of your life, and use that to fuel the creativity you need for your writing.

When you find a way to insert creativity into everything you do, you’ll get yourself thinking about things in a new light and that will inspire your creativity in ways you don’t even know.

Creative Food Experiment

One way to make sure you’re eating the healthiest, best food available is to buy it from your local farm market. Locally grown food is awesome for a few reasons:

  1. It’s local, which means it didn’t travel thousands of miles before it ended up on your plate. When produce has to travel, it loses key nutrients in the process, but when it was picked the day before and then sold at a local farm market, the key nutrients are stronger because the food is fresh-picked.
  2. It’s local, which means you’re supporting farmers in your area. There are so few true family farms left, farm markets are the one place you can still go to support their continued presence in your community.
  3. Typically all the produce you find is in-season (some farm markets this isn’t true for, but it is for most). In-season produce is the best because it’s at its peak as far as taste goes. Whenever you want the best-tasting food, always choose in-season produce.

One thing I love to do is visit the farm market, then come home, arrange everything I bought on my kitchen table and take a picture of it. Then I get creative, I pull out recipes, find ones to make with the food I just purchased and I’m off and cooking.

Farm Market Creativity Challenge

Your challenge for today/this weekend is to visit your local farm market. Here’s what I’m challenging you to do:

  • Pick out some produce that looks beautiful
  • Arrange everything on your kitchen table/counter and take a picture (and upload it to the InkyBites Facebook page so we can all enjoy it).
  • Turn your purchases into a creative meal. You don’t have to use everything you bought in one meal, just use what inspires you.

You’ll never know how much creativity really goes into the cooking process until you take a moment to spend time in the kitchen. Kitchen creativity is so much fun because it’s all an experiment.

Through kitchen experimenting with farm market finds, I’ve come up with some amazing meals, including an escarole and artichoke dip, a grilled veggie pizza with goat cheese brie and a quiche full of farm-fresh produce and eggs.

What can you come up with?

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