How To Write An eBook, Part 2: Finding The Perfect Topic

This is part two in a series on How To Write An eBook: From Idea to Launch. You can read part one here.

Writing an eBook can seem like a daunting task at first, but once you start to break it down into smaller pieces, you’ll see it’s a lot more manageable.

So the first step in creating an eBook is: you’ll need to come up with a topic.

And not just any topic but the right topic. A topic that’s on your readers’ minds.

Your eBook topic should be about something that keeps your readers up at night. Something they need a solution for right now.

You want to choose a topic that will give your readers actionable steps to take. If you can do that, you’ll have an instant hit.

Finding A Topic For Your eBook

So you now know it’s important to find a topic for your eBook that coincides with something your readers are looking for. But how do you do that? Here are three suggestions:

1. Use Your Site Analytics

If you have a blog, you likely have Google Analytics (or some other program), so use it to your advantage.


  • Where does your traffic go when it lands on your site?
  • What topics are the most popular?
  • What topics have consistently been most popular?
  • What topics are steadily growing in popularity?

Figure out what your audience is interested in and give them more of it.

2. Ask Your Audience

Find out what your audience wants to know more about by asking them. You can ask them in a blog post and have them respond in the comments, or you can send an email out if you have an email newsletter.

One way to ensure you get responses is to offer up the chance to win something cool. Or if you have some awesome content to give away, you could give it to everyone who responds.

People love giving their opinions so you shouldn’t have a problem getting feedback from your audience on what they want.

Once you have all the feedback, comb through it for commonalities. If certain topics pop up again and again, there’s a good chance you could write an eBook about it.

3. Write About Things You’re Passionate About

When you’re passionate about something, it will show in the writing. So use your passions to guide you toward the perfect eBook topic.

Yes, it’s important to write what your audience wants, but you can use your passions as a guide for making your final topic selection.

Once you find the right topic, you’re set to get started planning it out (that’s part three in this series).

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