I Almost Said No to This, But Then Soul Reminded Me Who I Am

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a woman who is hosting an online masterclass series. She said she came across my book on Amazon and immediately felt led to reach out and ask me to be a speaker.

The book she was referring to was my new book, F*ck the How. At the time, it wasn’t even out yet. Just a pre-order on Amazon.

And yet somehow, she stumbled across it.

I continued reading her email. She said she wanted me to talk about setting the “how” aside and manifesting what you want. I was nodding as I read through each line.

And then I saw what the topic of the masterclass series is… Money. She wanted me to talk about mindset, manifesting… and money.

This was a MAJOR trigger moment for me.

My immediate thought was–I have to say no. I’m not rich yet. I’m not wealthy yet. I’m not financially abundant yet. I can’t speak on this topic. There’s no way.

And also… people will judge me for speaking on this topic. They’ll call me out and say that I’m not rich or wealthy and that I shouldn’t be talking about money. And they would be right.

Or so I thought.

Turns out, soul didn’t give a flying fuck. Soul said… “You have things to say on this topic that people need to hear.”

I ignored it. Allowed myself to get caught up in all of the reasons why I should say “no” to the invite to be a speaker in this masterclass series.

But soul kept nudging me. “You have things to say. You’ve been working on this. You know where you’re going. You know who you’re meant to be.”

Truth is, I do have things to say.

I’ve had a feast-or-famine relationship with money for as long as I can remember. And I’ve been broke so many times I’ve lost count.

But somehow, through all of it, I’ve just always known it wouldn’t be like that forever.

I’ve just always believed that one day, I would see in my physical reality the level of money and wealth I have always known and seen inside of me. The one I’m destined for. The one that’s meant for me.

I’ve just always known and believed that one day I will be rich, I will have financial wealth, and I will be a multi-millionaire.

(I came here with a divine assignment to break generational barriers around money for my family. It’s a knowing that has always simultaneously inspired and scared the fuck out of me.)

And while that day hasn’t arrived just yet, I know it’s coming. I know it’s around the corner. I know it like I know the color of my eyes or the date of my birth.

For me, it’s inevitable.

To say no to being a speaker on this upcoming money, mindset, and manifestation series, would be DENYING all that I know and have known. It would be going against soul.

Not only that… but last September, I made the decision to clean up my inner shit around money and my money mindset FOR GOOD, and finally create wealth consciousness in myself.

No more backsliding. No more ups and downs. Just up and then up and up and up some more. Forever.

It’s been quite the journey over the last ten months. SO much has changed and shifted. And so much is still exactly the same.

But the most important difference is, I not only KNOW that I’m going to be rich as fuck, but now I actually EXPECT to be. There’s no other option on the table.

And what it took for me to get from where I was last September–mentally and energetically around money–to where I am right now is worth talking about.

I’ve been doing some hardcore mindset, subconscious reprogramming, and energetic work around the topic of money every single day for the past ten months. I even have a “Wealth Buddy” to keep me accountable to all of this.

You’re always allowed to be on the journey AND share from where you are. (I call it “leading from the trenches.”)

I have SO MUCH MORE to say on this topic, and I will over the next week or so leading up to my interview for the FREE Mind Over Money masterclass series. For now, I will leave you with this…

If you feel inside of you that you were meant to be wealthy, it’s because you are. Trust that feeling, and join me and 27 other amazing money, mindset, and manifestation speakers for the Mind Over Money masterclass series.

Grab your FREE ticket to this online event HERE: https://summit.mindover-money.com/jennifer

Dream life or bust,

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