I Manifested a Chicken Bone!!

OK, so I know that headline is ridiculous, but it made you want to read the post, right? LOL

But in all seriousness, I really did manifest a chicken bone the other night.

I was telling my hubs a story about when I walked Weiland (our dog) over the weekend and there was a chicken bone on the street. I HATE when people throw food on the ground, because dogs will eat whatever they come across; they don’t think about whether or not they should be eating it.

And I’m not always fast enough to stop him. Wei, of course, tried to eat the chicken bone (I stopped him this time).

I told the story with passion and complained about dogs eating shit off the street and morons leaving shit on the street.

And then we decided to take Wei for a walk around the block. No more than five minutes after we started our walk–BOOM! On the ground we see another chicken bone.

INSTANT manifestation!!

I included the chicken bone in my life experience by talking about it. And since this is an inclusive Universe, whatever you include in your experience through your beliefs, thoughts, focus, words and actions will be what shows up for you.

Whether you want it or not.

I didn’t necessarily want to see another chicken bone on the street, especially when Weiland tried to eat it the first time. But a chicken bone is what showed up.

Because if you focus on something, you send a message to the Universe that says, “I’ll have more of that, please.”

It makes no difference if you want more of the thing or not. You will get more of it if you focus on it.


I know, I know, it logically makes sense that if something annoys you or if you dislike something that you should bring attention to it by talking about it or telling others about it. But we don’t live in a logical Universe.

We live in an energetic, vibration-based Universe.

Which means anything you include in your focus and your energy and vibration will magnetize more of the same back to you. Always, always, always.

It’s a law of our Universe. Just like gravity.

So the real question is… what “chicken bones” are you manifesting in your life?

And if you don’t like the flavor of what’s showing up for you, it’s time to STOP focusing on what you don’t want and START focusing exclusively on what you do.

Dream life or bust,


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