I Now Get To Because I Did The Real Work

👩🏻‍💻I now get to be a multi-book bestselling author…

…because I did the inner work to believe that it was possible for me and deleted any belief or inner-story that said otherwise (and, of course, I did a bunch of practical stuff along the way).

💕 I now to get to have the dream relationship with the dream guy who makes every day feel like an overflow of good things…

…because I did the inner work to clear all of my limiting beliefs and stories around love, men, relationships and my worth.

🥑 I now get to live the dream life where I spend all day every day doing what I love and whatever the fuck else I want, and answering to no one…

…because I did the inner work to dismantle my limiting beliefs around life and work and my worth and my gifts and my purpose and all of the fears and doubts and blocks that came up along the way (and of course the practical work of building and growing an online business where I get paid to be me).

🚙 I now get to have the Jeep I always dreamed of…

…because I did the inner work to change my identity from someone who puts Jeeps on a pedestal to someone who owns and drives a Jeep and is a Jeep Girl.

💃🏼 I now get to have the most amazing soul sisters in my life who know me and understand me and support me like no other…

…because I did the inner work to heal all of my old limiting beliefs around women being catty, competitive and disloyal.

Are you sensing a pattern here?

The things I have now I didn’t used to have. But I have them now.

I did The INNER work so I could have (and continue to call in) everything I dream of and more (‘cause there’s always more).

I have them now because I did the REAL work.
The work that actually matters.

Do the inner work. It’s the work that matters most and the work that will move the needle the easiest and the fastest.

If you want to quantum leap from where you are to where you want to be, your answer is: do the inner work.

Always. Now. And forever.

Unless, of course, you don’t really want it that badly.

Dream life or bust,


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