If You Can Do It With One Thing, You Can Do It With Everything

Something I’ve gotten really, really good at lately is trusting the inner-nudges that I feel to take an action (or not).

What’s an inner-nudge? It’s that inner voice that tells you to do something (or not do something) or it’s a thought for an action to take that just randomly pops up in your mind. You can also call this an inner-knowing, divine guidance, divine intervention, a divine download, an inspired idea, whatever feels best for you.

That inner-nudging or intuition, if you will, is guidance that always leads to the How for having everything you desire with total ease. But you have to actually listen to it and take action on it.

For example, I have the most amazing upper cervical chiropractor in the world, and his office is super busy. So he has an app that you use to schedule all of your appointments. The app lets you schedule and reschedule as many times as you need to, all on your terms.

But like I said, his office is super busy, so there are not always appointments available to schedule. The cool part of the app is when someone cancels or reschedules an appointment, that appointment then immediately becomes available for someone else to take.

The only problem is, you can’t exactly know when someone is going to cancel or reschedule an appointment, so you’d literally have to be checking the app a million times a day so you don’t miss when an appointment opens.

Well, I ain’t got time for that.

So I’ve started asking the Universe to nudge me when an appointment becomes available. And it has worked every single time.

I’ll be sitting around, doing my thing and randomly a thought will hit me: “Check the app for an appointment.” Immediately, I go check the app, and BAM. There’s always an appointment available. Sometimes there are multiple.

I’ve gotten so good at using inner-guidance for getting chiro appointments it literally makes me laugh out loud now when it happens. It happened just this morning.

My chiro was booked up for the next week and a half because of being closed for two days for Thanksgiving. And I needed to change my appointment time. So I told the Universe that I wanted an appointment between tomorrow and Wednesday of next week and to nudge me when an appointment was available.

A few hours later, I got a thought to check for an appointment. I did and there was one open tomorrow morning. BAM! Just like that!

The craziest part of all is THIS WILL WORK FOR LITERALLY EVERYTHING!!! Life will bend to your will, your rules, your conditions, your beliefs, your asks that you then release, trust and act as if it’s a done deal.

So if you can find a way to apply what worked in one area to another area, you’ll start to see movement in that area in the direction you want to go.

Where we miss out is we don’t put our same level of faith in the bigger things we desire to have that we do in the smaller things. And we should because, big or small, it’s all faith.

The asking, releasing, trusting and receiving with total ease I do with my chiropractor appointments could also be applied to anything else I desire to receive. It just takes bringing my same level of faith that an appointment will open to the things I consider to be “bigger” (even though to the Universe it’s the same), like money, success, etc.

And the same goes for you.

There’s at least one area of your life right now where you have absolute faith that everything will work out in your favor, an area where you know what you want is always a done deal.

So if you take a look at that area and apply what works for you there to an area that’s not quite working for you right now, it could just change everything.

Dream life or bust,


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