If Your “Why” Isn’t Motivating You Enough, It’s Probably Not Your True “Why”

I never had a clear “why” when I was running a coaching business. 

I knew I wanted to help people and make money, but that’s about it.   And those are not exactly the most motivating reasons to do something (at least not for me).  

So my motivation waned constantly. 

Some weeks I was on fire with excitement and getting things done. 

Other weeks, I procrastinated like a mofo. 

There was never a deep drive for me to be successful in my coaching business. I never really cared that much to be. 

As long as I helped people and made enough money to pay my bills and whatever else I needed to take care of for that month, I was good. 

But I was never fully happy. 

I never went to bed at night feeling fulfilled. And I definitely didn’t wake up in the morning ready to hop out of bed and get to it. 

My “why” was just not strong enough. 

Now that I’m no longer a coach, I’ve found my actual “why.” Funnily, it was there all along I just didn’t realize it. 

My “why” is to see my stories turned into movies on the big screen and streaming all over the world. 

That is my true reason for everything I’m doing. It’s my actual motivation. 

And it’s the thing that keeps me going day in and day out, no matter how tough things may be. 

Not only is it my “why,” but it’s my biggest goal and one that I know I will make happen. 

What’s the “why” behind what you’re doing? And if you don’t have one that’s motivating enough, maybe it’s because you’re not really allowing yourself permission to go for what you actually want. 

Maybe you’re still shoulding yourself, like I was for almost a decade. 

But you can stop at any time, reconnect, recalibrate and refocus yourself on what you know you’re meant to be doing. Your true purpose. Your true motivation. Your true “why.”

The one that allows you to go to bed at night feeling fulfilled and wake up in the morning motivated to start the day. 

Dream life or bust,

P.S. This pic is from age 11 when my mom took my brother and I to Disney World (yes, that’s me in the pink hat, glasses and Tweety Bird shirt LOL). I saw there was a place where you could take a photo under the “Hollywood” sign and I made sure to take one. Because I always knew where I was headed and what my purpose was, even if the adult version of me got side-tracked for a little while.

P.P.S. Once you have or identified your real why, use my new Feel-Good Life Planner to focus on your goal and feeling good every single day. The Feel-Good Life Planner is and UNDATED 12-Month Planner available in the original 8.5×11 inch size and a 6×9 inch size. You can start using it to live out your true “why” at any time because it is undated – including the monthly overview, weekly snapshot and the daily pages. This will make a great Holiday Gift too! 

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