If You’re Hearing “You” Statements, That Means You’re Not The One Saying It!!!

Here’s a limiting beliefs exercise I often give my clients (and do myself), to help them tear down the BS they have in their heads. 

 *Grab a notebook or journal and go sit in a quiet place. 

 *Close your eyes and take some slow, deep breaths in and out. 

 *Then ask yourself: why don’t I get to have ___? Or, why can’t I be ___? Or, why can’t I __. 

In the blank, you insert whatever you desire but don’t yet have. 

 *Whatever comes up… write it down. No judgment, no criticizing.

What you’ll begin to notice is you’ll have two kinds of statements coming up: “I” statements and “you” statements. 

The “I” statements are limiting beliefs you’ve created for yourself. Those are the ones that require deeper inner-work to clear out. 

But if you’re having “you” statements coming up, that means you’re NOT the one saying them!! Those limiting beliefs were given to you by someone/something else outside of you. 

And if the limiting beliefs don’t belong to you, then you don’t have to carry them anymore.

You can choose to set them down and decide the opinions and beliefs of others will no longer be yours. You can decide that you will not allow yourself to be defined by other people’s limitations. 

And then all you have to deal with is reprogramming the nonsense limiting beliefs that you put on yourself. 

Once you do that, you’ll be clear for takeoff. 

Dream life or bust,

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