I’ll Admit It–I Have Really Great Ideas

I’ll admit it–I have really great ideas. I’m incredible at looking at things in different ways, coming up with creative solutions for problems, and knowing how to combine random things and make them work together.

In fact, there’s this movie I love called, “Grandma’s Boy,” and in it, one of the characters says to another character, “that is a great idea.” He replies back, “Those are the only kind I have.” And I’ve actually taken to using this line in my own life when people say to me, “that’s a great/good idea” (’cause I hear that A LOT).

Maybe that makes me sound cocky, but I don’t care. I’ve done the work to get to a place where I’m connected to my Higher Self and to the Great Creator, where I trust the messages, ideas, downloads and inspired actions that come to me, and where I have enough inner peace to actually be able to listen in and hear those things loud and clear.

I’m an ideas person, through and through.

I’ve even jokingly said before that I need to start a website called “Million Dollar Ideas” because I have so many amazing ideas I couldn’t possibly use or act on all of them, but I may as well give them away to the world so someone else can use them.

Creative people are “ideas people.” We see things with new perspectives. We can channel from the unseen and bring things into reality through words and art and music. We always have a creative solution available to solve almost any problem.

But the issue with being an ideas person is without action, your ideas aren’t gonna go very far.

I can’t even tell you how many people I talk to on a weekly basis who tell me they have an idea for a book they want to write–a memoir or a novel or a nonfiction self-help or how-to book. And yet most of them haven’t done it (or haven’t finished).

Ideas are energy and because of that, they have a shelf-life. When one comes, you have to act on it immediately, before the energy fizzles and the idea becomes stale and unappealing (as long as the idea is aligned for you, of course).

If you don’t, that idea may just find its way to someone else who will act on it. Admit it–you know you’ve seen something out in the world, a book, an invention, and thought, “that was my idea” or “I had that idea first.”

The ideas matter a lot less than taking action on the ideas.

Inspiration is everywhere and ideas are ripe for the picking, but unless you act on those ideas when they come to you, it’s all a waste.

I used to be an ideas person only. I would have great ideas, I would write them down, I’d even share them with other people. But I rarely ever followed through on them.

Until the day I decided enough was enough.

I had stories to tell. I had a message to express. I had gifts and talents to share. And it was time that I took my great ideas and put them into action.

That’s when I started taking action on my great ideas, not just having them but doing nothing about it.

I wrote the books. I built the things. I did the projects.

And in doing so, I became a creative person with great ideas that I actually follow through on.

You may be a creative ideas person, like I am, and have tons of badass ideas for things you could write and build and create and make and do and sell and take action on. But unless you’re actually taking that action, your ideas will continue to fizzle out and find their way to other people who will act on them.

And aren’t you getting tired of seeing so many books out in the world and thinking, “that should be mine?”

Dream life or bust,


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