Imagine If You Invested All Of The Money You’ve Spent Trying To Figure Out How To Make More Money Into Doing The Thing You Know You’re Meant To

That is the realization I came to recently as I looked at all of the money I’ve invested in my coaching business over the past decade—upwards of $100k and I’m still paying some of it off. 

And then I thought, wow, if I had invested that $100k into my books, into being the author I know I’m meant to be, into my creative work, into my art… imagine what I could’ve created. Imagine where I’d be right now. 

The Amazon ads that $100k could’ve paid for. The fabulous professional cover designs. The hiring of team members who are specifically focused on helping me to sell more books and get my books out to more people. 

But no. 

Instead, I bought into the BS limiting belief that you need to build a coaching business that makes a consistent income before you can truly indulge in focusing on your creative work. That you have to put helping other people and making money from it over what you know you’re meant to be doing. 

Bullshit of the finest kind. 

I’ve spent years growing a coaching business, investing money in learning more strategy, working with more and more coaches to finally “crack the code” on how to make the money I desire to make. And it was all fine and valuable, I’m not saying I regret it ‘cause that’s not my style. But it definitely didn’t get me any closer to creating my actual vision. 

It became a way for me to build a shadow business (and life), and dance around doing the thing it’s really about for me (aka writing hundreds of books, publishing those books, and turning some of them into movies). 

I’ve spent $100k+ on programs and workshops to learn business strategy, and on tools to run an online business, and working with coaches who make a lot of money (but not from doing what I want to be doing), instead of on ads for my books and team members to help me sell more books and learning from authors who make a lot of money writing and publishing books. 

And all the while allowing my actual vision, my creative work, my books, to become a side hustle. Something I do when I’m not working on building a coaching business that makes millions. 

Thankfully I’ve not only fully woken up to the error of my ways, but I’ve also fully and finally locked in my actual vision, and am now moving from it on the daily. 

I just wanted to throw this out there for all of the creatives, the writers, the artists, the musicians, who are building a coaching (or some other kind of) business and doing their actual vision and purpose as a side hustle. You don’t have to suffocate your soul by not fully doing what you know you’re meant to. 

You don’t have to ignore your creative calling so you can first help other people and make money. 

And really there’s no point in trying to help anyone, or build a business coaching people, if you’re not getting to fully do the thing you’re coaching people on. You have to do your creative work first. You have to make it a priority for you. 

Once you do, you’ll automatically begin to help and inspire other people. 

You’ve been wrongly taught that you have to chase and secure the money first, before you get to do the thing you really want to do. But what works better is tapping into your soul and doing what you know you’re meant to be doing first. 

The money, the clients, and everything else will follow that. But as one of my coaches once told me: you can’t receive the money you desire from a place of the wrong service.

And if you know deep down you’re meant to be a writer, an artist, a creative, but you’re building a coaching (or other kind of) business instead, you’re not really coming from a place of the right service. 

Your way to serve is to prioritize being that writer, that author, that artist, that musician first. Everything else comes after that. 

Dream life or bust,

P.S. If you’ve been avoiding doing what you know you’re meant to because you don’t know How to make it happen, stay tuned!!! I’ve got the solution for you dropping next week.

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