Is It True Or Is It Just A Limiting Belief?

As you may be aware, I’m an author. And so I do A LOT of typing on my laptop.

For years I have admired the beautiful nails I see all over Pinterest and IG. I’ve wished that my nails could look like that.

But I refused to get my nails done like the nails I was loving because… “it’s too hard for me to type with nails.”

This is something I’ve told myself for most of my adult life. I even told myself if I was something else besides a writer/author, maybe I would be able to handle having nails. But I need to be able to type and type fast, so nails are out for me.

Or so I thought.

Lately, I’ve been going deeper into every single thing that I tell myself I “can’t do” or “isn’t for me” or whatever. And what I’ve been discovering (not surprisingly), is all of the things I thought weren’t for me, actually are.

I just had to get rid of all of the limiting beliefs in the way.

Let’s take nails, for example. I’ve had a bad habit my whole life of picking at the skin around my nails. It’s gross and it’s something I thought I’d just have to deal with forever.

Then the other day I decided to prove myself wrong about nails not being for me—and decided to get the nails I’ve been wanting.

And it turns out the actual truth is… nails are for me and having them keeps me from picking at my skin (#winwin). Yes, nails are difficult to type with BUT with practice it’s figuroutable. There are millions of women around the world with nails who also type on computers. 😆

So that was yet another limiting BS belief that was holding me back from being more of who I want to be and having more of what I want to have.

Now I get to have nice nails, no more picked-at skin and feel more like my next-level self. And I’m onto disproving the next limiting belief.

It’s so very unlikely that any of the negative, limiting things you think about yourself (or anything else) are actually true. In fact, 99.99999% of the time, it will always be a limiting belief.

Give yourself permission to explore more of what you desire to be, do, and have, and put those lame-ass limiting beliefs to rest for good. 🔥

P.S. If you’re ready to bust thru your old limiting beliefs and start living more of what you dream of and desire right now, stay tuned to my blog!!! I have something AWESOME dropping in a few days.

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