It’s Mind Over Matter, Always, Always, Always

A year ago around this time, I made a decision that totally transformed myself and my life. That decision was to feel good no matter what.

I’ve made that decision every single day since and then acted on that decision in some way, shape or form.

And one year later, my life is night-and-day different from where it was. Yes, in one year, I fully changed my life, simply by choosing to feel good no matter what was going on around me.

When I reflect back on all that has transpired, it brings me to one clear truth. A truth that I’ve known all my life and finally started to fully live in August 2015 when I began doing a daily mindset practice.

That truth is: Mind OVER Matter.

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have at your disposal. Your mind creates your reality, yourself and your life.

If you’ve tried to make changes in your life and they haven’t stuck; if you’ve rearranged and fixed everything in your physical reality and yet the same shit just keeps happening over and over again; if you can’t seem to make any progress or you feel like you’re stuck, stagnant or have been in “the same place” for far too long now; the answer is always and only, mind over matter.

Your mind is the place where all of the change begins. And changing your inner state changes your outer one.

Whenever things “aren’t working” or I feel like I’m stuck or things are falling apart, I always turn first to my mindset and check in–am I thinking in alignment with what I want? Do I have any BS coming up?

I dig in and I work through it. And then I get back to doing life.

I have a mindset practice that I do DAILY and have since August 2015. I’ve only missed doing my mindset practice a small handful of times since I started it because I know it’s the one thing that makes everything else work.

You can do whatever you want to change things around in your physical reality or make changes in a physical way, but if you don’t get your mindset in the right place, those changes will be fleeting.

I was reminded of mind over matter this week, as I’ve dedicated myself to going even deeper and being even more consistent with my daily mindset practice. My good friend and long-time mentor, Jenn Scalia, sent me a bracelet that will now serve as my constant reminder of this truth (see pic).

Mind over matter. Mind over matter. Mind over motherfucking matter.

Now. Forever. Always.

Unless, of course, you want to do things the hard way?

Dream life or bust,


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