It’s the Only Thing I Was Ever Really Sure About

I’ve been running an online business since 2007, and there have been dozens of iterations of that business over all of those years.

I have test-driven so many different dreams and desires and versions of myself.

I’ve been a journalist, a magazine editor, a freelance writer, a creative wellness coach, a book editor, a story coach. I’ve created a t-shirt line, a blog, dozens of digital courses, a podcast, a TikTok (and YouTube) channel, hosted workshops, taught in-person classes. I’ve built things and refurbished furniture and gotten certified in interior design.

And let’s not forget the 16+ books I’ve written and self-published.

I’ve tried it all. I’m multi-passionate AF and damn proud of it.

But the only thing I was ever really sure about was my books. Being a writer, an author, a storyteller is something I knew from age 11 I was going to be and do.

It’s who I’m meant to be. It’s what I’m meant to do. It’s the only thing I’ve ever been certain about.

When I was writing for magazines and newspapers, I thought it was really cool but it wasn’t my career end goal.

When I was freelancing, doing creative wellness coaching, editing books, and helping writers write and publish their books, I knew I was doing something I was good at, something I had skills in. But I never felt certain about it.

I was always looking for the next thing, the new shiny object to dive into and try (and honestly I still do, it’s just who I am, but right now I’m keeping those things mostly as hobbies rather than part of my business).

My confidence waxed and waned.

Some days I was on top of the world. Other days I was questioning whether I had any clue what I was doing or if I was even helping anyone.

But the one thing I never doubted was my books.

My books are divinely downloaded. I’m a vessel channeling messages and stories from beyond.

I know the ideas and stories and books that come to me are meant for me, mine to write and share with the world, and co-created with God/the Universe.

I don’t doubt that for a second. I’m fully confident that my books are entertaining people and changing people’s lives. I’m certain that I’m living my purpose.

When I look back on all the years I spent doing all of those other things while pushing my books and my author dreams to the back burner, it makes me laugh. How did I ever think I was going to live my dream life while doing things (as a main focus) that were not at all aligned with the vision I see for my life?

How did I ever think I was going to be successful in the ways I wanted to be doing things that were not my soul work, not the will for my life, not truly things I knew I came here to be and do?

I don’t regret any of it. I had a blast trying so many different things and test-driving what I wanted my life to be about (while simultaneously always knowing what it was going to be about). But it was always such a struggle; a hustle, not a flow.

Now I’m on my path of least resistance, and things are flowing like whoa.

I’m on my path where I have the most faith, the most confidence, the most belief in myself and in my work. I’m on the path where I’m easily able to expand my belief in what’s possible and continue to receive in greater and greater ways.

Because now I’m fully and finally on the path of being the author and storyteller I was always meant to be. Now my life, my business, my day is fully focused on being that author and storyteller and doing the things that author and storyteller would be doing.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

And my reality is starting to match the vibration I’ve been intentionally creating and holding for all of these years (but for the last three years as a main focus).

I’m making more money from my books than ever before (and it goes up and up every month!). I’m selling upwards of 10-18 books a day every day consistently. My books have become magnetic and taken on a life of their own.

All because I finally and fully gave into the only thing I was ever really sure about.

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