It’s Time to Give Yourself Permission to Be Multi-Passionate

Let me ask you a question… what would happen if you gave yourself permission to just be who you are?

No more telling yourself you’re not good enough. No more worrying that you’ll never fit in. No more stressing out about not being able to choose just one thing.

It’s time to give yourself permission to be multi-passionate.

This morning I came across yet another post on social media urging people to pick a niche and choose one thing. Because, as the message said (and I’m paraphrasing), “it’s better to be an expert in one thing than to be good at a bunch of different things.”

And that may be true for some people. For the people who really are just one thing.

But for someone who’s multi-passionate, choosing one thing is a death sentence for your soul.

Multi-passionate people aren’t meant to choose just one thing. They’re meant to choose ALL of the things. And when multi-passionate people choose one thing, they fall victim to mediocrity.

And you weren’t born to be mediocre.

Some people really are just good at one thing and they thrive by niching down and choosing to focus on that one thing. And that allows them to shine their light and be extraordinary.

But when you’re multi-passionate, focusing on just one thing actually causes you to be mediocre, because you’re not really operating in your true Zone of Genius, which is being good at so many different things.

There’s power in owning your multiple passions.

And when you know you’re multi-passionate and yet you still try to force yourself to choose one thing or to do or be one thing, you’ll never really go all-in. You’ll always make excuses and find a way to procrastinate and you’ll never really feel fulfilled with whatever it is you’re doing.

Because you’re not meant to choose just one thing. You’re meant to choose ALL of the things.

Everything that you’re amazing at. Everything that lights you up. Everything that feels fun. Everything that excites you.

Giving yourself permission to indulge in your multiple passions is what will finally make you WANT to go all in and WANT to stop procrastinating and WANT to step up to that next level.

Avoiding it and trying to choose just one thing is what causes you to continue the pattern of not doing the work and not going all in.

Because for a multi-passionate person, choosing one thing is BORING. It’s UNINSPIRING. It’s LAME.

No one wants to go all in on something that feels boring, uninspiring and lame. Which is why you won’t and why you haven’t. It’s why you’ve continued your procrastinating patterns for years on end. It’s why you’ve always been one-foot-in-one-foot-out on going after what you really want.

It’s why you have a backup plan for your dream life.

So it’s time, multi-passionate writers, artists and entrepreneurs of the world. It’s time for you to finally accept that you are multi-passionate, that you were born this way and that it serves a bigger purpose in your life for you to be this way.

And it’s time for you to own it like you’ve never, ever owned it before.

Accepting that you’re multi-passionate and giving yourself permission to LIVE FROM THAT PLACE is the thing that will change everything for you.

Dream life or bust,


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