It’s Time To Stop Waiting And Start Test Driving Your Dream/Desire Right Now

Something I’ve done my entire life is test drive the things I’m interested in. When I get a soul-nudge to try something, I do it right away.

I don’t wait “until” or put it on the back-burner. I figure out a way to do it now, in some way, shape or form.

Life is in session NOW, so there’s no reason to wait.

Not all test drives work out, but you’ll never know if it’s something you want to do more of if you don’t try it.

Right now I’m test driving eyelash extensions. I loathe mascara and love the idea of not having to use it anymore. So I’m doing a test drive to see if lash extensions are a good fit for me.

Maybe I’ll decide I love them and will keep it up. Maybe I’ll decide I hate them and will go back to mascara (or none). Or maybe something in between will happen.

The point is, I’ll soon be clear on whether this desire I’ve had for a while now is right for me or not.

There’s no reason to wait or put your dream or desire off for someday. Especially since you could waste a lot of time and energy thinking you want it only to “someday” discover it’s not a good fit for you after all. Why not find out now?

And that’s why I wrote my book, Test Drive Your Dreams: How To Find the Path That’s Right For You. So you can start living more of your dreams and desires RIGHT NOW.

👉🏻 Get your copy here:

Dream life or bust,


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