I Just Really Need to Tell You Something…

You’re not gonna screw this up.

I know you think you will and you have all this noise in your head that says why even bother and who are you to write your novel and you’re just wasting your time. But you won’t screw it up.

You can’t possibly screw it up because you’re always doing the best you can do. And so long as you’re always doing the best you can do, there’s nothing that can stop you, hinder you or prevent you from making it happen.

Well, except you, of course.

You’re the only thing that can EVER stop you or stand in your way. You and all that BS you’re still buying into.

You know the BS I’m talking about. Telling yourself you’re not good enough. Constantly guilting yourself for things you said you were gonna do, but didn’t. Listening to the nonsense: but what if you don’t have what it takes? What if you really don’t have it?

But let me ask you something… isn’t it time to write a new story? And I don’t mean your novel.

In this case, I’m talking about YOUR story–the story you’re telling yourself about what you can or can’t do, be and have. The limitations you’ve been placing on yourself for most of your life. The lack you’re buying into that’s caused you to struggle for as long as you can remember.

Yeah. That stuff. That’s the stuff I’m talking about.

That stuff is your current life story.

It’s the stuff that’s creating your beliefs, thoughts, and actions. And, of course, it’s the energy you’re sending out into the world, over and over again.

That you’re not good enough. That you’re unworthy. That you don’t rate. That you don’t matter.

So what do you magnetize back to you? More thoughts and feelings and situations where you can feel not good enough, unworthy and that you don’t matter.

It’s a vicious cycle, and you’re the only one who can stop it.


By writing a new story.

By deciding that you will no longer live as that person, as someone who holds those beliefs and thoughts and who takes those actions out of fear and feeling unworthy and not good enough.

By deciding that you are good enough, exactly as you are right now.

By finally understanding that you WERE BORN WORTHY. Just the fact that you’re breathing right now means you that you matter.

So it’s time to stop living that old story. It’s time to stop telling yourself lies over and over again, just because it’s comfortable. Just because you’re uncertain of what will be on the other side of those old stories.

Just because you’re afraid.

The truth is and always will be that you are good enough. And you can’t do anything to change that.

Nothing you do or say will ever make you not good enough.


You’re good enough for life–and you have been since the day you set foot on this planet.

The only thing that can stop you from owning this power and all that comes with it is you continuing to tell these old stories and refusing to step into new ways of thinking and believing and being.

That’s what it all comes down to… YOU.

If you don’t have the results you want yet, it’s on you. If you’re not “there” yet, if you haven’t made happen what you always dreamed you would, it’s on you.

If you’ve said you were gonna do things and then didn’t do them, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Not the weather, not your spouse, not your family, your kids, your pets, your job, not being tired or procrastinating or not feeling like it or any of the other excuses you make for why you don’t have a novel written or finished or published yet.


No one.

Except for YOU.

A huge responsibility, yes. No way around that. You have to be responsible for your life.

It’s a big responsibility.

Probably the biggest one you’ll ever take on. Because that means you’re in control and you get to decide.

Right now you’re not using that power because you’re afraid and you’re still buying into the old stories. So it’s time to rewrite your life story and what’s true for you and what will be true for you from this day forward.

You get to decide.

You get to decide if you will live by default with the default programming you grew up with and have subconsciously given to yourself over the years. Or if you’ll erase that programming and all the stuff that no longer aligns with who you want to be, do and have, and install a new program instead.

A new program that plays the new story of who you’re now choosing to be and do and have in your life. The story you’re gonna write based on your desires and dreams and not on the limitations or lack of the past.

The story that says you can be anything, do anything, have anything, achieve any dream and skyrocket past what you never used to believe was possible.

The story that says you’ve got what it takes. You’re worthy and deserving.

So often we’re afraid to leave that old programming and those old stories behind because we think we won’t be able to maintain the new version of us. The version who fully shows up and does what we say we’re gonna do. That it will be too hard or too much work or that it will stop us from having fun or enjoying our lives and being social.

But doing something at 100 percent is actually easier than doing it at 99 percent.

Once you’re all in, there’s no doubt or question or consideration in your mind. It just done. It’s who you are now. It’s what you do now. It’s what your story is now.

And you get to decide.

Dream life or bust,



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