Know Your Worth And You’ll Actually Receive What You Desire And Deserve

After my divorce, I made a promise to myself: I would never again settle, accept less than, or have a mediocre relationship.

My previous relationships, including my marriage, weren’t exactly horrible experiences, nor were the people I was in the relationships with. In fact, most of the relationships I’ve had over the course of my adult life would be ones other people would’ve called “pretty good” or “good enough.”

But for me, I knew I was accepting less than. Settling. Allowing mediocre.

And there was a simple reason for it: I didn’t feel worthy or good enough for something better.

So when my divorce went down, it felt like I’d been given a second chance at life. A do-over. An opportunity to create the life I actually wanted.

A big part of that life was having an epic relationship with a man who I couldn’t get enough of. Who I was overwhelmingly attracted to in all ways–body, mind and soul. Who I could fully be myself with and he the same, and totally love and accept each other just as we are. And who I had a deep connection and total honesty and fun adventures with.

A best friend, a lover and a soulmate. That was my version of the dream relationship.

But I knew that who I’d been in my life and especially my relationship life up ‘til that point was not who I needed to be to call in that dream man and dream relationship.

I had self-worth issues. I struggled with feeling good enough for the things I desired to have in my life, including the caliber of man I desired. I had unhealed trauma from childhood that had become a limiting story holding me back in so many ways.

So I made a decision: I was going to deal head-on with these inner issues and write a new story for my life and most importantly, my relationship life.

I was going to change the story I had my entire life that said, “I don’t get to have the kind of man and relationship that I want; that I wasn’t good enough for it; that I didn’t deserve it.”

I had to become the kind of woman who knew her worth and her standards and refused to accept less.

And that’s exactly what I did. I did the inner work. I changed my mindset and my inner stories. I became the version of myself who had the dream man and relationship.

Not long after, I man-ifested the most incredible man I’ve ever known and the best relationship I’ve ever had.

It happened so easily, so naturally and so fast, once I got out of my own way.

And a BIG part of how I got out of my own way was finally healing my self-worth/good enough issues.

Feeling not good enough is the #1 reason women (and men) settle in relationships, life and business.

Except you deserve better!! But to receive better, you must heal your worth issues.

In case you missed it, I did a three-part livestream series last week called–Worthy AF: How To Reclaim Your Worth. If you struggle with self-worth issues and/or feeling not good enough, in your relationship, creative life or any other area, be sure to watch these videos:

Part 1: Where Unworthiness Comes From (Hint: It’s NOT Your Fault)

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Part 2: What Feeling Unworthy Does to You + What To Do About It

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Part 3: How To Reclaim Your Worthiness

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You owe it to yourself to reclaim your worthiness, so you can live your best, happiest, most feel-good life ever and also get to have everything you desire and more.

Dream life or bust,


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