7 Days, 7 Deals for $7

December 18 to December 24, 2017

Day 7: The Blog to Book Workshop (self-paced) (a $97 value)
Investment: $7 

Do you have a blog? Then you’re gonna love today’s $7 deal!!!

The Blog to Book Workshop

This 2-hour self-paced workshop not only explains everything you need to know to turn your blog content into a book, but you’ll actually start putting your book together right during the workshop!! 

It’s a recording from a live workshop I ran earlier this year, so pause when you need to, take your time putting all the pieces together, and when you’re done you’ll have repurposed a whole bunch of content that you already wrote into a book you can now upload and sell on Amazon. 

How easy is that??!! 

And actually, that’s how I wrote my very first book, Butt-In-Chair. I pulled 50-60 blog posts from my blog and then I made it all flow using the exact process I’m gonna show you in this workshop.

Whether you want to write a memoir-style book or a self-help/how-to book, this workshop will help you make it happen.

Day 3: The Unstoppable Writer (a $97 value)
Investment: $7

This is a live-virtual workshop that runs from January 1 to January 14, 2018

Let’s face it–this year didn’t exactly go how you thought it would. Sure, you started and/or finished some stuff, but not nearly as much as you’d hoped.
You got in your own way. Again. And you’re sick of ending up in this place every year–feeling stuck, stagnant and like you’re not getting as much done in a 12-month period as you could be.
It’s time to take back your power once and for all.
So often we tell ourselves that there are outside factors stopping us from doing what we know we’re meant to be doing (aka: writing and creating!!). But the truth is, there is never anything outside yourself that could ever stop you or get in your way of starting, finishing, achieving or succeeding. Unless you let it.
It’s all on you.
Which is, of course, a good thing. Because if it’s on you, that means it’s in your control. And no one can ever take it away from you.
But it also means taking responsibility for yourself and your writing destiny, and making a commitment to being the writer and author you dream of being.

If you’re ready to make 2018 your BEST writing year ever (so far!), then it’s time to join us for The Unstoppable Writer–14 days to align your habits to success and release old struggles so you can live your best writing life in 2018

This is a live workshop that runs from January 1 to January 14. 
What We’re Covering:
  • Finding your deeper motivation
  • Tapping into who you really want to be as a writer and author
  • Soulwork and why it makes your life work
  • Letting your dreams be bigger than your bullshit (aka: excuses, procrastination, self-sabotage)
  • The equation that changes everything in your writing life
  • Trusting your inner guidance and allowing what you feel inside to be real
  • Releasing the struggle to create ease and flow
  • And SO MUCH MORE!! 
What You Get:
  • 14 days of audio trainings–delivered to your inbox every morning
  • 14 daily micro-tasks that build on each other–each day you’ll baby step closer to having a habit of writing
  • A private Facebook group–so you can interact with me and the rest of the writers in the workshop, ask questions, get feedback, etc.
This Workshop Is Perfect For You If You Want To:
  • Be more consistent on a day-to-day basis
  • Create a daily habit of writing and doing the other things that matter
  • Get more done on the regular
  • Stop self-sabotaging when you’re on a roll
  • Step into being the writer and author you’ve always dreamed of being