MAY 1 TO MAY 3 AT 11:59 P.M. CDT

The 7-7-7 Flash Sale Includes…

1. Freelance to Freedom eCourse: Get Gigs. Get Paid. Write For A Living (a $297 value)

I believe that the most secure thing you can do for yourself is learn how to make your own money. It’s empowering, because then you know no matter what happens you can always generate your own income.

Writing is an in-demand skill in the digital world. And if you’re a writer, you owe it to yourself to learn how to monetize that skill.

This workshop will show you how to do it from freelance writing.

Module 1: The Foundations of Freelance Writing

  • The mindset of being a freelance writer
  • Project management
  • Types of content
  • Creating authority for yourself as a pro writer

Module 2: Finding Gigs, Applying and Pitching

  • Find freelance gigs
  • How to write a great pitch when you apply for a gig

Module 3: Finding Sources, Interviewing

  • Find sources for your articles
  • How to interview and ask the right questions

Module 4: Doing the Writing

  • How to put the article/content together
  • Weaving the interviews/sources into the article/content

Module 5: Editing, Formatting for Online Publications

  • How to put the cherry on the top of your article with formatting
  • Get familiar with the style used for online publications

Not only that, but this is an experience workshop, which means you won’t just be learning a bunch of stuff you’ll never use. You’ll actually be implementing as we go, writing your own freelance article.

2. Build Your Book Sales Funnel Masterclass (a $97 value)

One thing that writers are constantly asking me about is how to sell more books. And while there are definitely tons of marketing tactics that you can do, there’s a seriously underrated way of marketing and selling your books that you can do on autopilot.

You set it up once and it continues to sell your book for you, forever (or until you take it down).

How great would that be??!!

Imagine being able to sell books while you’re sleeping, eating, watching Netflix or whatever else you do in your day. Imagine new readers discovering your books with ease and without you having to do anything beyond the initial set up.

With a book sales funnel, all you have to do is give people access to free chapters from your book and the funnel does the rest. How easy is that?!

But while it’s great to think about setting up a book sales funnel—maybe you’ve even considered it before—you never actually get around to doing it.

How do you solve that problem?

You get a bunch of writers together all at the same time and you set your book sales funnels up together. With the guidance and support from a pro online marketer (aka: Jennifer Blanchard) who knows what it takes to get people to hit the “buy” button.

That’s why I created the Build Your Book Sales Funnel Masterclass.

And since it’s me, this isn’t your typical sit there and learn stuff workshop. You’ll actually be building your book sales funnel DURING the masterclass!!!

That’s right! If you follow along and participate during the class, you’ll walk away with your book sales funnel built. And since it’s a recording, you can pause and rewind whenever you need to. 

And the best part is, you can go back through the masterclass recording over and over again and build sales funnels for all of your books, products, programs and whatever else you come up with over the course of your writing business.

3. How To Combine Multiple Topics On One Blog Masterclass (a $197 value)

If you’re a multi-passionate writer and/or entrepreneur who really wants to start a blog, but you haven’t been able to figure out how to combine all of the topics you want to write about, keep on reading. This one’s for you…

What We Covered

Most of the time was spent focused on how to combine all of your topics and interests into one blog. We also covered how to:

  • Have an unlimited supply of ideas for blog posts (and other content)
  • Create a content plan for each month so you can work ahead when you want to
  • Get more eyes on your blog posts (and actually get people commenting) so you can grow your readership and following
  • Monetize your blog and create an income for yourself

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