It’s Time to Unfuck Your Mind So You Can Finally Create the Life That You Desire and Deserve 

From the day you’re born until the age of seven, your mind is like a sponge. It doesn’t have a filter to know whether what it’s seeing, hearing, learning, experiencing is actually true or not.

Your mind just takes it all in—everything you’re taught, everything you hear, everything you experience, every interpretation your young mind makes about what happens and what it means about you.

It’s unfortunate, but this is also the time in your life when you learn the majority of your thoughts, beliefs, and inner-stories. After that point, unless you do something to change them, those will be the inner-stories, thoughts, beliefs, and programming you have for the rest of your life.

And most people live out their entire lives with the same limiting beliefs they had growing up, not even realizing what’s really going on, or that they have the power to change it.

Everything you dream of and desire is just a perspective shift away.

The UnLearning because…

–> You came here for more than just a mediocre life experience.

–> You’re too worthy, too deserving, too good enough to not have everything you desire in this life (and more!).

–> You’re tired of living like you’re in the movie, Groundhog Day.

–> You’re ready to go to your next level, like NOW.

–> Everything is energy, you attract or repel things with your vibration, and you should know how to use this information to your advantage.

–> You LOVE the idea of quantum leaping your way through life.

–> You KNOW your mind is powerful and you want to harness and take back control of that power.

–> Your soul is telling you there’s a better, easier, more feel-good, and struggle-free way to go about creating the life you want for yourself.

–> You’re a spiritual being having a human experience and you deserve to live your life to the fullest while you’re here.

–> You have dreams, goals, and a purpose to live.

–> Your desires are from God, for God, and by God, and it’s your duty as a child of God to live your purpose and allow yourself to receive and experience all that you dream of and desire.

–> It’s time for you to be in the driver’s seat of your life again.

When you join The UnLearning, you will create a new internal operating system, up-level your mindset + identity to align with who you desire to be, and install new ways of thinking, believing, and being that will allow you to receive more of the things you desire to have in your life experience.

The UnLearning is:

  • Part mindset reprogramming
  • Part practical strategy
  • Part vibrational up-level

In a super loving, supportive, nurturing private group coaching container. 

To help you: 

  • Own your worthiness, so you no longer question whether you’re good enough
  • Experience, attract and receive more of what you actually want (and way less of what you don’t)
  • Become the next-level you who is on fire with passion, purpose, and excitement
  • Feel amazing, confident, aligned, and just so freaking good inside yourself, so you go after your dreams full force
  • Create certainty and clarity within yourself, so you stop worrying and start living
  • No longer feel “stuck” or “stagnant” in your life and/or business
  • Heal old trauma from the past—for good
  • Manage your vibration on a moment-to-moment basis, so you’re always being a magnet for what you desire
  • Attract more money into your life by changing how you see it and feel about it
  • Call in a dream person and relationship or improve a relationship that you’re already in
  • Have new thoughts, new beliefs, new emotions that align with you being your best self and living your dream life
  • See actual progress start to happen externally in your physical reality

Once you finally get that it’s all being created from inside of you, your entire life experience changes and you take back your power.

What You Get In This Program

With this 6-month group coaching experience, you get:

  • A custom daily mindset practice + belief reprogramming strategy created specifically for you by Jennifer
  • 3 group Zoom calls per month (time TBD based on group time zones)
  • 1 livestream Q&A per month (time TBD based on group time zones), inside the private Facebook group
  • 6 deep-dive UnLearnings, one per month for six months–dropped at the beginning of each month
  • A private Facebook group for day-to-day accountability and interaction with Jennifer and the rest of the group
  • Journal prompts, assignments, curated resources, additional trainings, and more—all based on whatever the group needs as we journey along
  • Lifetime access + updates to the program content and Facebook group

The UnLearning Program Breakdown

Month 1 UnLearning: Self

From a young age, you were taught and told and made to believe that you aren’t good enough, aren’t deserving, aren’t worthy. Those are lies that have kept you playing small, not trusting yourself, avoiding your purpose, and not asking for or receiving the things you desire.

It’s time for a new identity. A new way of seeing yourself. A new way of showing up in life.

Month 2 UnLearning: Life

Society and your early upbringing programmed you to believe a lot of fear-based things about life that are rooted in lack and limitation. Without changing that programming, you will continue to experience lack and limitation for the rest of forever.

It’s time for a fresh perspective on life, on what’s possible, and on how to achieve your dreams in unconventional ways.

Month 3 UnLearning: Desire + Creativity + Soulwork

You’ve been taught and told that your desires and dreams are to be put off for someday in the future when you have more time/money/space/ability/retire, etc. And that lie has caused you years of struggle, overwhelm, and feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel.

It’s time to honor your desires and go through them to allow in and open up to receiving the life you want.

Month 4 UnLearning: Money

Society, your upbringing, your early schooling, and many other things have contributed to the lies about money that you now believe—things like money is hard, money is the root of all evil, money is limited, rich people are bad, money will corrupt you. And those lies have held you back from receiving more of what is simply your birthright—financial abundance.

It’s time to tap into, grow, and expand your wealth consciousness, so you can begin to call in and keep more of the green stuff.

Month 5 UnLearning: Love and Relationships

Romance movies, society, reality TV, and your inner programming have you believing lies about love and relationships—like another person “completes” you, you’re not whole unless you find your “other half,” or that dating/finding love is a struggle.

It’s time to shift those beliefs and see love and relationships in a whole new way, whether you’re in a relationship now or wanting to call one into your life.

Month 6 UnLearning: Health and Wellness

Societal programming and a lot of what you were taught about health during your early childhood years—things like, it’s hard to lose weight once you’re over 30, or your body deteriorates as you age, or your genes determine your health—are simply lies that keep you from experiencing the true health you desire and are capable of.

It’s time to learn what health actually is and how to tap into it at the deepest level.

If you want to be who you’re meant to be and live the life you desire to live, you must first unlearn everything that stops you or holds you back from doing exactly that.

Who Is Jennifer Blanchard

Hey–I’m Jen, the Feel-Good Life Coach + Mindset Alchemist. I combine practical subconscious mindset reprogramming + woo-woo manifestation techniques to help you reclaim your worthiness and tell a new story about yourself and your life, so you can get out of your own way and create the life of your absolute dreams.

I’ve overcome the soul-sucking corporate 9-to-5 hell, a divorce from an unaligned relationship, and multiple pivots in my business to create the dream life I now have. Today, I run my own online business doing work I absolutely love, I’ve written and published more than a dozen books, I get to spend my days doing whatever I want whenever I want, I’m in the most loving, amazing, aligned relationship, and things just keep getting better every day.

I created ALL of this by changing my internal programming, shifting my beliefs and thoughts, and telling new stories that empowered me to live the life I always knew was available to me if just I got out of my own way. I 100 percent practice what I preach and am committed to doing daily mindset work for the rest of my life.

Changing my mind and inner-stories changed everything for me. I know it will do the same for you when you commit to owning your worth, allowing yourself to have the life you desire, and giving yourself the programming that aligns with it actually coming to be.


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The UnLearning Is For You If You Know…

  • That mindset work matters–you’re just not doing it or doing it consistently enough to see the results
  • You are in your own way in life and/or business and want to finally get out of it
  • There is more to life than a mediocre existence, but you haven’t been able to fully tap into how to create your dream life
  • You have a lot of bogus limiting beliefs and inner-stories that are keeping you stuck, but you’re not sure how to change them
  • You’re willing to show up and do the work for real, so you actually get the results from it (that’s the only way to get results from it)

The UnLearning Begins January 4, 2021

The 6-month UnLearning runs from January 4 to June 30, 2021.

Enroll here: 

**PAY IN FULL BONUS: when you pay in full for The UnLearning, you get UNLIMITED PRIVATE ACCESS to Jennifer via FB Messenger for your entire 6-month program for FREE (a $3,000 value)!!!** 




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