One thing that writers are constantly asking me about is how to sell more books. And while there are definitely tons of marketing tactics that you can do, there’s a seriously underrated way of marketing and selling your books that you can do on autopilot.

You set it up once and it continues to sell your book for you, forever (or until you take it down).

How great would that be??!!

Imagine being able to sell books while you’re sleeping, eating, watching Netflix or whatever else you do in your day. Imagine new readers discovering your books with ease and without you having to do anything beyond the initial set up.

With a book sales funnel, all you have to do is give people access to free chapters from your book and the funnel does the rest. How easy is that?!

But while it’s great to think about setting up a book sales funnel—maybe you’ve even considered it before—you never actually get around to doing it.

How do you solve that problem?

You get a bunch of writers together all at the same time and you set your book sales funnels up together. With the guidance and support from a pro online marketer (aka: Jennifer Blanchard) who knows what it takes to get people to hit the “buy” button.

That’s why I’m hosting the Build Your Book Sales Funnel Masterclass, happening Sunday February 25 at Noon CST (and YES, it will be recorded if you can’t be there live).

And since it’s me, this won’t be your typical sit there and learn stuff workshop. You’ll actually be building your book sales funnel DURING the masterclass!!!

That’s right! If you follow along and participate during the class, you’ll walk away with your book sales funnel built.

I’ll be walking your step-by-step through the entire process, and you’ll be able to interact with me, ask questions and get guidance along the way.

And the best part is, you can go back through the masterclass recording over and over again and build sales funnels for all of your books, products, programs and whatever else you come up with over the course of your writing business.

Investment: $49

All Sales Final