Bust Through Your Creative Blocks and Get Into the Writing Flow!

Take the 31-Day Challenge

This challenge is about discovering how you can be the badass creative person you desire to be. And you do that by nourishing the core source of your creativity–yourself. Nourishing yourself requires a combination of food, lifestyle habits and creativity habits.

Go into this challenge with an open mind and be ready to try anything!

If you want to turn your creativity on like a light switch and live in a constant creative flow, the next 31 days will be the push you need to get started:

Day 1: The Zen of Daily Mind-Clearing Exercises 

Day 2: How To Start Your Day Energized

Day 3: The Shocking Truth About Exercise

Day 4: How To Find Inspiration In Life’s Moments

Day 5: Healthy Eating Hack: How To Sneak the Good Stuff In

Day 6: How To Bust Out of A Routine Rut

Day 7: The Strange Ways Dehydration Shows Up In Your Body

Day 8: How To Take Charge of Your Sleep Debt

Day 9: A Shortcut for Relieving Stress In Under A Minute

Day 10: The Energy-Boosting Equation You Need to Know

Day 11: The Secret All Successful Creative People Know

Day 12: 3 Ways to Stretch It Out After A Long Writing Session

Day 13: How To Use Food to Inspire Your Creativity

Day 14: Here’s A Guaranteed Way to Generate A Shitload of Writing Ideas

Day 15: The One Thing Your Creativity Can’t Live Without

Day 16: A Simple Way to Figure Out Which Foods Are Right For Your Body

Day 17: How To Turn Rejection Into A Positive Experience

Day 18: Is This Creativity Power Food Missing From Your Diet? 

Day 19: How To Get Out of Your Head and Move

Day 20: How To Use Bioindividuality to Feel Your Best

Day 21: Do You Know the Golden Rule of Creativity? 

Day 22: Here’s A Creativity Exercise You Should Try Immediately 

Day 23: How Slowing Down Can Help You Eat Better With Less Food

Day 24: The Energy-Zapping Monster Hidden In Your Diet

Day 25: The One Thing Standing In the Way of Reaching Your Dreams

Day 26: Do Your Fingers Get Cold While Writing? Try This

Day 27: Support Other Creative People. Here’s How

Day 28: A Simple Way to Find Answers to Your Creative Problems

Day 29: How To Create A Vision Board

Day 30: Connect With This to Really Recharge Your Creativity

Day 31: The 5 Principles of Balance

Challenge Wrap Up



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