Are YOU Ready To Give Up Your Excuses and Finally Sit Down To Write?

“I’m a published author and even still this book really helped.”—JL Langley

If you have big dreams for your writing, but you’ve been putting them on your “one day” list, you’re not alone.

: A no-excuses writing productivity guide for writers who struggle to get started is an eGuide created to help you sit down and start writing, by giving you concrete writing methods, tools and ideas for getting writing done.

Each section contains:

  • Guidance and support–Each section is written to help you work through all the things that hold you back and find effective ways to develop a habit of writing.
  • Sit Down and Write!–At the end of each section, there’s a box loaded
    with writing exercises and journal
    prompts. All designed to get you

There’s also an Appendix full of printable worksheets and checklists that you can fill out, write all over, tear apart and utilize to help you make the most of the available writing hours you have each day/week.

When you’re writing on a regular basis, your creative well will always be full and you’ll never have to worry about “Writer’s Block.”

This 117-page eGuide is designed to do one thing and one thing only: Get you writing on a regular basis!

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But it does so much more than that.

Butt-In-Chair spells the end of procrastination for any writer who takes the time to complete the thought-provoking exercises provided. Not only does Butt-In-Chair help you discover the things holding you back, it gives you strategies to conquer those issues, move forward and accomplish all those things you’ve been dreaming of. This should be required reading for all procrastinators”—Jean Lauzier


“As a procrastinator (I may be the Queen of Procrastination), I know that when I’m told I should do something, I balk. That is why I’m so glad the tone of this eGuide is one of a friend lending a helping hand. The authors don’t tell you that you have to follow their advice. They remind you that you have a choice. By empowering and encouraging us procrastinators, the authors motivate us to take action.

Butt-In-Chair has helped me move my butt from the couch and into my desk chair more often than usual. I can’t wait to try more of the exercises and tools. There are so many helpful ideas within these pages that it’s like having an ongoing workshop at your fingertips”—Joanne Elliott

*More Praise for Butt-In-Chair

How To Use This Workbook

Butt-In-Chair was designed to be a guide you can use and reuse—whenever you’re in need of motivation or advice to get started with your writing session.

You can use this workbook in several ways:

  • Work through it one page at a time–This involves starting at the very beginning and working through each section.
  • Use the Table of Contents to jump to the information you need most–Maybe today you need advice on overcoming fears, but tomorrow you need advice on creating a writing schedule. Use the TOC to find and jump to the advice you need, right when you need it.
  • Complete the writing prompts all at once.
  • Complete the writing prompts as you finish reading each section.

How you use this guide is up to you. All that matters is that you use it.

The 5 Tools You Need to Use This Guide Effectively:

  • A notebook/journal
  • A pen/pencil
  • A desire to write
  • The willingness to commit to yourself
  • The willingness to commit to your writing

Who Is This Workbook For?

Butt-In-Chair is for any writer who struggles to get started. It’s for any writer who has “Writer’s Block” or “can’t think of anything to write about.” It’s for any writer who procrastinates and wants to overcome it.

It’s for any writer who wants a solid plan for making a habit of writing. It’s for any writer who wants to discover new methods and tools for getting writing done. It’s for any writer–at any level–who wants to give up excuses and get serious about writing.

Basically it’s for writers who need to find effective ways to put their butts in chairs and get writing done.

This workbook is not for writers who are full of excuses and refuse to give them up. And it’s not for writers who won’t work toward what they want.

“The exercises in this book are genius. Not only are they effective in helping the writer acknowledge what is holding them back, they get the writer to do what is most important: sit down and write. Anyone dedicated enough to work through this book will succeed—without a doubt.

As a freelance writer for more than 12 years, I know a bit about procrastination. I also know that I’m going to keep this little e-book on file for days when I need a gentle reminder to stay committed to my writing”—Megan Kopp

If You Work Through This eGuide from Start-to-Finish…

you will:

  • be writing.
  • know how to fit writing into your daily life.
  • have the tools you need to plan out and keep track of your writing schedule.
  • learn more about yourself and why you procrastinate.
  • create measurable goals for your writing life.
  • discover concrete methods for getting writing done.
  • obtain checklists to help you take the next step with your writing.
  • have printable worksheets to aid you in keeping track of your writing projects.
  • know what writing methods work for you.
  • gain the tools you need to maintain your writing life.

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with Butt-In-Chair, let me know and I will refund your money—that’s how confident I am that this resource will help you get started writing.

Stop procrastinating; stop putting yourself and your writing dreams on the bottom of your priority list. The only thing that’s holding you back is you.

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“Butt-In-Chair is full of practical advice and motivation you can put into your writing career and start on the path to reaching your full potential as a writer. YOU ARE WORTH IT! Your writing career is worth it,”–David Davis

(from the intro quote, author J.L. Langley)

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