The FREE 2021 Planning + Decision Board Extravaganza

In this FREE three-day extravaganza event, I’m going to help you make peace with your 2020 and powerfully intend for your 2021 (and beyond). We’re covering three important areas over the three days:

December 28–Day 1: Get Clear On Your Desires for 2021

I will help you get crystal clear on exactly what you want for your 2021 and we’ll start the prep for Day 2.

December 29–Day 2: What That Looks and Feels Like + Create Your Decision Board

A vision board is great, but just because you have a vision doesn’t mean it will ever happen. When you make a decision board, you’re telling the Universe that you’re now deciding to claim these things for yourself and calling them into your life now–BIG difference. I’ll be showing you how to translate your desires into a visual form that is customized especially for you.

December 30–Day 3: The 2021 Planning Party

Bring your favorite beverage and snack and let’s make a feel-good plan for your 2021. I’ll be giving you a digital copy of the planning workbook I use to get ready for the coming year in my life and business, and we’ll work through it together.

It’s a 3-day party to close out 2020 and welcome in 2021. You don’t want to miss it!

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