The Everyday Writer’s Retreat

Your Fail-Proof Plan For Finding the Time to Write

“You can’t wait for inspiration.
You have to go after it with a club.” –Jack London

You’re a writer, you love to write. But those stretches between writing sessions keep getting longer.

You don’t have time. You’re feeling stuck. You aren’t even sure what to write about.

smilingwriterEvery writer experiences this kind of block from time-to-time. But what if every time you sat down to write you felt the flow and truly enjoyed the experience?

What’s holding you back?

Professional writers build writing into their lives in ways that are fun and effective. They nourish their creativity often and have processes around collecting and creating ideas.

You, too, can find ways to sneak writing in. It’s easier than you think.

Join us for a three-session exploration of where ideas come from and how to make the most out of your writing time.

We’ll show you how to turn your life into a everyday writing retreat where the ideas are always flowing and you have tools for breaking through creative blocks.

You will walk away from this program with:

  • More confidence as a writer
  • An idea vetting process you can use over and over
  • Methods for pushing through times when the writing isn’t flowing
  • Tools for dealing with feelings of stuck-ness and procrastination
  • A fail-proof plan for making the most out of limited writing time
  • A writing space that will help you be more productive
  • A few short writing pieces that you can choose to continue working on

“Everyone needs a Suzanne in their life! She helped me stay on task and brought out the best in my writing. Her coaching techniques helped me become a better writer and create a beautiful book that will be distributed worldwide.”–Christine Egan, author of The Healthy Girl’s Guide to Breast Cancer

Because we want this workshop experience to be like a private writing retreat, we’re only opening 10 spots. Once they’re filled, the doors are closed and we will open a wait list for next time around.

If you know you want one of the 10 spots, grab yours today!


BONUS: We’ve added a private Facebook group, so everyone can interact one-on-one with us, and each other, throughout the workshop. 

Writing Retreat Call Details

October 1, 8 PM (ET)
Part 1: Creative Recovery with Suzanne

October 8, 8 PM (ET)
Part 2: Creative Flow with Jennifer

October 15, 8 PM (ET)
Part 3: Ask Away! A Q&A with Jennifer and Suzanne

During This Virtual Writing Retreat You Will Get…

Guidance and support from two writing coaches, who are published authors and know the guts it takes to sit down and write from the heart, even when the laundry is piling up.

While we won’t be whisking you away to a beautiful beach location (this time), we want you to rest assured that each call will be packed with exercises and writing prompts to get you in the flow. You will also receive an Everyday Writing Retreat Action Guide to use in your real life so that ideas in your head will easily flow to the page.

“I was battling two major  demons:  fear and procrastination.  Like a lot of writers, I can be quite adept at finding ways to put off sitting down at the page. Jen’s incredible knack for mixing kick-in-the-ass calls to action with compassion got me past my blocks, and I am well into my first novel that I plan to finish by summer’s end.  I’ve also learned how to stick to a writing schedule for the first time in my life!”–Mary DeRosa Hughes 

Are you ready to create your fail-proof plan for finding writing time in your busy life? Then we’d love for you to join us for this virtual writing retreat!

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Meet Your Coaches

Suzanne Boothby

Suzanne Boothby is an NYC-based writer and speaker focused on health and happiness. From Random House to Mother Jones Magazine, Suzanne has worked her way through the publishing world covering everything from Woody Guthrie’s legacy to kale cocktails. She is the health and healing writer for Omega Institute for Holistic Healing.

She is the author of two books: The After Cancer Diet: How to Live Healthier Than Ever Before, which features a foreword by her father, a cancer physician for more than 25 years, and Coming Clean: A Conscious Guide to Food Cleanses. Her articles have appeared in Yahoo! Health News,,,,, and more. She is a proud graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Her website is


Jennifer Blanchard

jblanchard_headshotJennifer Blanchard believes we’re all born creative beings and that everyone has a story to tell. She helps people who share this belief take their writing from idea to draft, so they can grow their audience and spread their message, without fear, distractions or disorganization. She spends her days coaching writers (and aspiring writers), teaching writing and blogging workshops, and writing her own eBooks and novels.

She is the author of: Butt-In-Chair: A No-Excuses Guide for Writers Who Struggle to Get Started; Pen Name: How To Create Yours; and Creative On Command: Instant Inspiration Exactly When You Need It (Coming Sept. 2013). Her articles have been featured on Copyblogger, Problogger, Paid To Exist, MindBodyGreen, SavvyAuthors and StoryFix, among others. She has a Journalism degree from Utica College and a certification in Holistic Health Coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. You can learn more about her at