This workshop is for you if you… 

  • Struggle with finishing your writing/creative projects (or starting them) or with making your goals happen
  • Are inconsistent and still don’t really have a habit around doing your writing or creative work
  • Have limiting beliefs or stories around being a writer, having a writing career, or what any of that means
  • Feel like you’ve been on the hamster wheel in your creative life for far too long now
  • Haven’t really been taking your writing very seriously (but now you want to)
  • Know you’re meant to be a pro writer and/or creative, you just haven’t allowed yourself to fully own that yet
  • Have accomplished far less in your creative life than you’d like to have at this point
  • Are ready to make 2021 the year you get out of your own way

This workshop runs from Monday, February 8 to Tuesday, February 16

What You Get 

As part of this workshop, you get:

  • A daily livestream lesson + assignment to help you implement the lesson (one per day for nine days)–all of the livestreams will take place in our private Facebook group, and yes, everything will be recorded so you don’t actually have to be there live every day
  • A private Facebook group for support, guidance, and feedback from Jennifer and the rest of the workshop participants
  • Lifetime access to the workshop content–you get to keep it forever so you can go back to it anytime you want

Workshop Investment: $27