Want to See Your Article on The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen or Another Big-Name Site?

Gain visibility, spread your message and grow your email list by guest posting on blogs that have your target audience

You’ve got a message you want to shout from the rooftops. You’re changing lives with your business and the work you do. You know that if you got your article on the Huffington PostMindBodyGreen or another big-name site, it would make a big impact.

Problem is, you have no idea how to make it happen.

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I’m Jennifer Blanchard, and my clients call me the Guest Post Guru because I help them get their guest posts published on the blogs that matter to their businesses.jen_54

I can do the same thing for you.

To get Huff Post (and other) editors to say yes, you need:

  • A badass article idea—something the blog editor can’t say no to
  • A strong pitch email—that shows the value you can bring to their site
  • A headline that makes people click—you can have the cure for cancer in your blog post and no one will read it if your headline sucks

And I’ll show you how to not only get it done, but make it shine. So the editors at your dream blogs won’t be able to resist.

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Guest Post Guru is a 14-day coaching program to help you get published on the sites that will make the most impact for your business.

You get:

  • Two calls, up to 60 minutes each (via phone or Skype) so we can come up with a great idea
  • Recordings–so you can re-listen anytime you want
  • Unlimited email support between calls
  • Two rounds of edits (content and line edits) on your guest post–so it’s as awesome as it can possibly be
  • A copy of Guest Posting: A Step-By-Step Guide (PDF) that walks you through the guest post process, giving you hints and insider tips to help you get more yeses
There’s a beautiful stream of
creativity flowing from this woman.
Jen knows how to get things done.
She encouraged me to pitch my article
to the Huffington Post in a different way
after it got rejected and this time it
was accepted.
“–Morgan Potts
(see Morgan on the Huff Post)
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What You Walk Away With

  • Specific feedback on why any previous pitches might not have been accepted AND step-by-step guidance on how to make sure your posts get published from now on
  • A kick-ass guest post tailored for the blog you’re dying to be published on
  • Copy for an email you can use to pitch your article to the editor
  • A process for pitching and writing guest posts that you can use again and again
  • Insider secrets to getting your articles on high-traffic sites, like Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen

You already know the value of guest posting on the Huffington Post. What’s been stopping you is not knowing exactly what the Huff Post is looking to publish, and pitching something that hooks their interest.

Here’s your solution.


Investment: $497

P.S. I have a 100% success rate getting my clients published on the site of their choice (so long as the person is fully committed and willing to do the work). I can’t (legally) make any guarantees, but I’d say those are pretty good odds 🙂

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It was totally unknown territory for me to
guest post for Huffington Post, especially
since I had never been published in English
before, but Jennifer guided me through it in
a beautiful way. She is sharp, supportive and
straight to the point. She knows what
she’s doing and gets it done effectively and easily.
I highly recommend working with her.

Linnea Molander 
(See Linnea on the Huff Post)
Jennifer helped me figure out how to make
big leap into guest blogging.
She has so many genius 
ideas and is beyond supportive.
If you’ve been looking
for someone to
hold your hand as you transition
 the world of guest blogging,
I HIGHLY recommend
 that you talk to her
Dayna House

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I’m an author, award-winning blogger, and story coach who helps serious emerging novelists save time, be more effective storytellers and cut years off their learning curves, so they can write kick-ass stories and get published faster. I’ve guest posted all over the web on sites such as: The Huffington Post, Copyblogger, Problogger, MindBodyGreen, StoryFix, Paid To Exist, GrindTV, Helping Writers Become Authors and more. You can check out my guest posts at: jenniferblanchard.net/media