What If You Could Have the First Draft of Your Novel In 90 Days?

You know you have a story to tell, but you can’t seem to get it out.

You’re not sure where to start and you’re feeling stuck. You’ve tried several different angles, but nothing seems to be working.

You’re frustrated and afraid you’ll never write your novel.

I totally understand. And I created The Author Intensive especially for you.

The Author Intensive

In the Author Intensive, you will turn your story idea into the first draft of a novel with the help of a professional author and story coach.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A completed first draft (the best first draft you can possibly have)
  • Your dream of being an author will finally be a reality
  • Confidence in your writing and in yourself as a writer


Having someone to bounce ideas off of, and the feedback I received in the first six weeks, was critical to being able to finish my draft. I found the feedback to be the most valuable [part of working with Jennifer].”
>> Read Glenn’s Case Study

Glenn Dyer
(Glenn finished his draft in 62 days!)

Here’s What We’ll Do During Our Time Together

Over the course of 90 days we will work on:

Concept Creation and Characters

We’ll turn your initial story idea from an “idea seed” into a fully grown story Concept and Premise. Then we’ll shape up your cast of characters.

Story Structure

After determining your core story, we’ll create the structure that will be the backbone of your entire novel.

Scene Architecture 

Once your structure is solid, we’ll build a scene-by-scene roadmap that you will use as your guide while you’re writing.

Writing the Draft

You’ll do the writing, and I’ll give you feedback and content edits as you go along.

You’ll walk away from this program with the first draft of your novel–one that’s a revision away from being ready for an editor.

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mary-hJen’s incredible knack for mixing kick-in-the-ass calls to action with compassion got me past my blocks, and I finally finished my first novel“–Mary DeRosa Hughes, 2012 Author Intensive Grad

Idea to Draft Includes

  • Six content modules on the executional aspects of writing a novel (Concept and Premise, Character Development, Story Structure and Scene Building)–plus assignments so you can execute the modules on your story ($1,500 value)
  • 12 weeks of sound-boarding, accountability and feedback from a professional fiction-writing coach as your story develops ($3,500 value)
  • 12 weeks of unlimited email access to Jennifer, so you can ask questions and get support between calls ($3,500 value)
  • 12, 60-minute coaching calls (via phone or Skype), one every week, plus recordings ($5,500 value)

And you’ll learn a repeatable process for developing, planning and writing a novel (Priceless)


You’ll also get the following:

Bonus #1 Story Engineering by Larry Brooks ($15 value)
The book that inspired this program–you need to own a copy of it. (If you already have a copy, let me know and I’ll send you his second book, Story Physics, instead.) Note: if you’re an American student you’ll receive a printed copy; if you’re an International student, you’ll receive an electronic copy.
Bonus #2 After the First Draft (Graduation Bonus) ($150 value)
This will give you detailed steps for what to do after you’ve finished your first draft, including a process for revising your draft.

Total Value of The Author Intensive: $14,165

Your Investment: $3,000

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Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 7.40.58 PM

“The tasks of designing and constructing a roller coaster structure are different than the task of riding a roller coaster. And yet many writers approach designing and constructing a story the same way they would reading a story. Jennifer Blanchard gives you the background and the tools you’ll need to design and construct your story structure. She coaches you with questions and suggestions to point out story holes or weaknesses that you may not have seen, but she has from the many stories she’s analyzed. Jennifer’s coaching has been a pleasant mind-expanding experience for me. I cannot imagine writing any other way now that I’ve used this process. To the naysayer I would say, structure does not stifle creativity it provides freedom.”–Ken Auteur, 2014 Author Intensive Grad

Is This Program Right For You?

The Author Intensive isn’t for everyone.

It’s for you if you:

  • Want to write a novel that flows and fits together cohesively
  • Desire a process that allows you to write a novel that works (and then be able to repeat it over and over again)
  • Are committed to yourself and to your writing
  • Will put in the work required to see results
  • Need support, accountability and feedback from a professional story and writing coach

This wouldn’t be the right program for you if you’re:

  • A true “Pantser” (who only wants to write by the seat of your pants)
  • Refuse to be open to planning your story out in detail before you write it
  • Not willing to show up and do the work

Case Study_PaulaI didn’t finish my whole draft, but I did get just more than three-quarters of the way through, which is the furthest I’ve ever come in any of my writing. I truly believe it never would have happened without this program“–Paula Thorne, 2014 Author Intensive Grad >> Read Paula’s Case Study


“Idea to Draft is all about helping you put Larry Brooks’ storytelling principles to work. It’s the practical application of theory, if you like. This is never easy to do without knowledgeable guidance, in any endeavour. More specifically, writing a novel can seem like a huge, overwhelming undertaking.

Jennifer’s step-by-step approach breaks it down into very manageable individual tasks. You just lay down one brick today, another the next. Anyone can do that. Then one day you look back and realise your wall is already half built. The intimidation factor is completely gone.

I am beginning to allow myself to think of myself as a fiction writer. This is because I know now the things that a fiction writer needs to know to get the work done. You cannot put a price on this.”–Christopher Y., 2014 Author Intensive grad  >> Read Christopher’s Case Study



If I didn’t sign up to work with Jennifer, my story would still only exist in my imagination, and I wouldn’t be at 72,000 words in my work-in-progress“–Chrissy Medeiros, 2013 Author Intensive Grad >> Read Chrissy’s Case Study

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