What You Get Inside the Bestselling Author Training + Resource Library

Here’s What You Get In the Bestselling Author Library, Inside the Storytelling Mastermind: 



Training in Craft

> Plan Your Damn Novel (video training series)
> Story Structure Kit (zip file)
> Creating Stakes In Your Story (audio training + worksheet)
> Cheatsheet for “Romancing The Beat” by Gwen Hayes (pdf)
> Concept and Premise (audio training + pdf)
> What To Write In The Middle of Your Story (aka: How to Connect Your Plot Points With Scenes) (video training)
> Writing Voice (writing voice, POVs and how to use them, etc.) (video training)
> Character Arc: Inner Demons and the Four Contexts of Character (video training)
> A Protagonist With a Goal (pdf + audio)
> An Antagonist With an Opposing Goal (pdf + audio)
> All About Story Structure – Live Call With Bestselling Author, Larry Brooks (audio)
> Writing Love Stories (pdf lessons, story deconstructions, etc.)
> The Structure of Love Stories (video training)
> Does Your Story Idea Suck? (video training)
> Idea, Concept, Premise (video training)

Novel Writing Resources

> Finish Your Damn Novel (pdf)
> Master Story Structure (toolkit)
> How To Know Which Story to Write (audio)
> Your Story on Steroids workbook (pdf)
> Story Roadmap Templates (beat sheet, roadmap, story circles worksheet, etc).
> Types of Scenes (pdf)
> Character Arc Worksheet (pdf)
> Character Arc Cheatsheet (pdf)
> The Story Structure Cheatsheet (pdf)
> The Movie Deconstruction Kit (toolkit)

Story Deconstructions

> Written and video-based deconstructions for popular movies and books (pdf or video)


> Write and Publish Your Nonfiction eBook in 10 Days (self-paced eCourse)
> How to Write A Nonfiction eBook (blog post series)
> How To Write A Nonfiction eBook (eBook)
> Blog to Book (video training)


> The Story Revision Workshop (pdfs + audios)
> Story Revision Kit (pdfs + audio)
> Revising your Story (audio training)
> Revision Checklist (pdf)
> Revision Notes workbook (pdf)


> How To Hire An Editor (audio training)
> Fiction and Nonfiction Editor Contacts (resource pdf)
> How To Design An eBook Cover (video training + resource guide)
> How To Format Your eBook (video training + resource guide and template)
> How To Publish Your eBook on Kindle (video training)
> How to Choose Your Key Words for Amazon (video training)
> How to Write a Story Synopsis (pdf)
> Story Synopsis Example: “SoundCheck” (pdf)


> The 5 Things to Do Daily to Sell More Books (audio + checklist)
> How to Sell Books Via Livestream or Video (video training)
> Sell More Books masterclass (video training)
> Make Money From Your Writing (audio training + worksheet)
> The Foundations of Growing Your Following and Selling More Books (audio training)
> Marketing Verticals (audio training + workbook)
> Grow Your Following (30 day self paced workshop)
> The Ultimate Guest Posting Kit (self-paced eCourse)
> Author Platform Training Series (video from live event + 10 Days of Mini Tasks)
> Authorpreneur Action Plan (pdf)
> Author Message Worksheet (pdf)
> Pen Name: How to Find Yours (pdf)


The Habits of A Pro

> Writing Habit Revamp (21-part audio training series)
> Writing Life Rehab (video training)

The Mindset of Success

> Manifest Your Writing Dreams to Life (30-part audio training series)
> Writer’s Confidence Boost (15-part audio series)
> Creating an “I Sell Books” Mindset (audio training + worksheet)
> The Pro Writer Mindset (video training)
> Journal Your Writing Dreams to Life (eBook + companion journal pdf)
> Write Your Reality – A Journaling Exercise (Facebook post)
> Amping Up the Feeling of Having It Now (audio training)
> The Evidence List: What It Is And How To Use It (video training)
> What To Do When You Don’t “Feel Like” Doing Something (Facebook post)

The Day-To-Day Writing Life

> The Go-To Tool For Being More Organized, Productive and Making More Progress – daily-weekly tracker (video + template)
> Daily Actions Checklist (pdf)
> How I Use Scrivener to Write and Organize My Novels (video training)

Writer’s Block

Beat Procrastination Pronto (pdf)
> Unstick Your Stuck Words (pdfs)
> Writing Meditation (audio)
> Butt-In-Chair: A No-Excuses Guide For Writers Who Struggle to Get Started (eBook)

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