Get Motivated to Write and Finish Your Novel in 2017

The Mid-Year Motivator Writing Bundle Sale

72 Hours Only!! Sale Ends Friday May 5 at 11:59 p.m. EDT

It’s almost mid-year, and most likely you’re still not where you wanted to be or even where you thought you’d be by now. You set some goals back in January and you were excited about them.

But somewhere along the way you fell off track.

Well… it’s time to get back on.

I’ve put together the most killer writing bundle EVER and for a ridiculously awesome price!! With everything you need to plan and develop your story, write and finish your first draft, revise your draft, and stay motivated along the way.

Here’s what you get in the Mid-Year Motivator writing bundle:

1. Writing Life Rehab (regular price: $97)

This 2.5-hour workshop will help you revitalize and recommit to doing your writing and creating the writing life you’ve always dreamed of having.

In this workshop you will:

  • Put a stop to resistance, fear, procrastination, doubt and self-sabotage
  • Actually look forward to doing your writing, so that you’ll show up to the page and do the work
  • Start to do what matters every day, so you can see real progress on your writing goals
  • Create a specific, action-based plan for what to do over the next 30, 60, 90 days
  • Build the habits, mindset, consistency and follow-through you need to achieve all of your writing dreams
  • And MORE!!

2. Write Your Damn Novel eCourse (regular price: $297)

This 8-module self-paced eCourse is my signature program and is based on the exact process I use myself (and with my private clients and students) to plan and develop my story ideas into a fully fleshed out story plan that makes writing the first draft a million times easier.

Here’s what the eCourse covers:

Phase 1: Develop and Plan the Story

Week One: Concept — you’ll create the landscape or “stage” that your story will take place on

Week Two: Premise, Character, Theme — you’ll figure out your plot, who your Protagonist and opposing Antagonist are, what the Protagonist’s character arc will be, and the theme that supports it all

Week Three: Subplot — you’ll determine the side stories that will be going on along with your core plot

Week Four: Story Structure — with the work from weeks one through three, you will build the structural framework for the plot points of your story

Week Five: Scene Roadmap — with the plot points in place, you will now create the specific scenes that will connect your plot milestones and create a cohesive story

Week Six: Writing Voice — you’ll improve your writing voice and dialogue, as you prepare to bring the story to life on the page

Phase 2: Writing the First Draft

Week Seven: Getting Words on the Page, Scene Writing — you’ll start writing your first draft and getting your scenes written with ease

Week Eight: Dealing with Resistance, Procrastination, Fear, Distractions, Doubt, Disorganization — you’ll defeat the top 7 things that cause writers to self-sabotage and not finish their novels

3. Finish Your Damn Novel Motivational Messages eBook (regular price: $29)

Sometimes you just need a little motivation to get moving on finishing your novel draft (or revision). These motivational messages will get you pumped up and ready to FINISH.

You can use this eBook in one of two ways: 1) Set a date for your draft (or revision) to be finished that’s 30 days away and then read one motivational message a day for the entire month; 2) whenever you need motivation and inspiration, flip to a random page and get an injection of it on the spot.

4. The Story Revision Kit (regular price: $49)

Once you’ve written a first draft, the next step is revising it. This kit will walk you through exactly what you need to do to get your draft revised and ready to go to an editor and Beta Readers.

This kit contains everything you need to work through the revision of your story, including: 

  • Revision Process Overview–this audio will walk you through all the steps in the revision process, so you know exactly what to do and how long it will take you.
  • The Revision Checklist–this checklist will help you work through each piece in the overall story revision process, making sure you cover ever step.
  • The Craft Checklist–this checklist will help ensure you actually have all the most important pieces of writing a good story in your novel.
  • The Writing Voice Checklist–this checklist will help you make sure you read and revise your draft looking for the stuff that makes your prose suck (things like repetitive words, prepositional phrases, bad grammar, etc.).
  • Scene Writing–this video overview and cheatsheet will walk you through the scene and sequel sequence that your story needs and how to use it to revise your draft. This is MASTERCLASS level stuff that can change your story (for the better)!!
  • Common Revision Problems–this audio will help you defeat three of the most common problems that plague writers who are revising.
  • How To Know When You’re Done Revising–ah, the question that’s on every writer’s mind… how do I know when I’m done? This audio gives you an answer.
  • Finding An Editor–this resource PDF has contact info for several editors as well as links for additional places to find editors at all different price ranges.
  • Recommended Reading–because studying the art of writing stories doesn’t end with a first draft, this list of recommended reading will help you take your revision to a whole new level.

And the best part of all is you can re-use these resources over and over again with every story you write from now until forever.

Total Value of the writing bundle: $472+

Mid-Year Motivator Sale Price: $97