NaNoWriMo May Be Great For Motivation, But It Won't Help You Write A Publish-Worthy Novel UNLESS You Find Your Story First.


This idea to draft–story planning, development and draft writing–workshop will help you get totally prepared to WIN NaNoWriMo. You’ll walk away with:

  • A full story plan, complete with story structure and scene list
  • Confidence in your story (and in your ability to get it written during NaNoWriMo)
  • A story roadmap, the key to writing 50,000 words of an actual story (unlike previous NaNo drafts that were an attempt to find your story, which ended in you tossing the draft in a drawer, never to be seen again)
  • The support and accountability you need to finish your draft in the 30 days

This workshop runs from September 11 to November 6 (plus Bonus support until November 30).

“The feedback I received during the 6 weeks was critical to being able to finish my draft.”

Having someone to bounce ideas off of, and the feedback I received in the six weeks, was critical to being able to finish my draft. I found the feedback to be the most valuable part of working with Jennifer.

Glenn Dyer, emerging novelist


“This is my best novel to date!”

Jennifer was my guide, my light. She kept me from getting lost. If you don’t have a structure to work from, after about twenty-five thousand words, you will not know where you are, let alone where you need to go. She worked with me step-by-step from idea to concept and premise, and then worked with me on plugging in plot points, pinch points and developing characters.

The planning and development of a story was much more creative than I thought it would be. This is my best novel to date.

Stephanie Raffelock, emerging novelist and blogger at: StephanieRaffelock.com

What Would It Feel Like to Cross the NaNoWriMo Finish Line and Be A Revision and Edit Away From Having A Publishable Novel?

You heard about NaNoWriMo through the girls in your writer’s group and figured, “what the hell?” You’d give it a shot.

So you sat down on the morning of November 1, opened a blank Word doc and spent the next two hours typing away on the keys. You wrote 5,000 words. A start that impressed even you.

The next few days flew by as you continued to add to your word count. Ten thousand and then fifteen. Soon you were up to 25,000 words.

Then everything came to a hault.

Your story was going in one direction, and then it changed. Now you’re stuck, 25,000 words deep and with no clue where your story is going or how it’s going to end.

Somehow you managed to convince yourself to keep going, and you made it to 50,000 words.

Problem is, all you ended up with was 50,000 words. You didn’t have a novel. You didn’t even have a story.

What a waste.

Sure, you proved to yourself that you could write 50,000 words in 30 days. But you’re no closer to your goal of writing a novel that’s worthy of being published.

The genius part of NaNoWriMo is that you get the short timeframe and community you need to stay motivated and keep writing. But without having a plan for your story, you’re just wasting your time.

By developing and planning your story before you sit down on November 1 to write it, you will take your NaNoWriMo experience to a whole new level. You will know exactly what you need to write and will have a roadmap you can follow from start to finish.

You won’t have to spend time finding your story during the challenge, so you’ll be able to really enjoy the writing process. You’ll bang out your daily word count with ease.

And when you hit the finish line on November 30, you’ll have a workable draft that is a revision and edit away from being publishable.

Now doesn’t that sound a whole lot better?

WRITE YOUR DAMN NOVEL: NaNo Edition–Workshop Content

There are two parts to writing a novel: Develop and Plan the Story + Write the First Draft. This course takes you through both parts of the novel-writing process and supports you in finishing your draft by November 30 through daily accountability checks ins and weekly live-virtual group work sessions.

This ain’t no fiction writing 101 shit–this is deep-dive master-level shit that will transform your storytelling ability, allowing you to not only have a better understanding of story, but also be able to implement it in your own stories and have a repeatable process you can use over and over again for every story you write, forever.

Here’s what we’ll be doing in the workshop:


You will create the landscape or “stage” that your story will take place on.


You’ll figure out your plot, who your Protagonist and opposing Antagonist are, what the Protagonist’s character arc will be, and the theme that supports it all.


You’ll determine the side stories that will be going on along with your core plot.


With the work from weeks one through three, you will build the structural framework for the plot points of your story.


With the plot points in place, you will now create the specific scenes that will connect your plot milestones and create a cohesive story.


You’ll put together the specific scenes you’ll need in your story and how to create pace and tension through your choice in scene.


You’ll improve your writing voice and dialogue, as you prepare to bring your story to life on the page. We’ll also talk strategies for getting your first draft written during NaNo.


You’ll defeat the top 7 things that cause writers to self-sabotage and not finish their 50,000 words.


You’ll get support, accountability and motivation during the month of November, to ensure you actually write your 50,000 words and get finished by November 30. Accountability is EVERYTHING when it comes to hitting the NaNo finish line.

What You Get In This Workshop

  • Weekly training and assignments to help you build your story plan–delivered every Monday for 8 weeks via email
  • Private WYDN Facebook group (this is where all the interaction will take place during the workshop with Jennifer and the other workshop students)
  • Unlimited feedback, guidance and support from Jennifer in the workshop FB group
  • A repeatable process for planning and developing a story from idea to first draft
  • BONUSES!!! (See below)


Bonus #1: Kick-Start Your First 25,000 Words (a $97 value)

This training will get you motivated and putting words down on the page at a rapid pace.

Bonus #2: Story Revision Kit (a $197 value)

This kit has everything you need to work through your first draft and revise it, including checklists, worksheets and instructions.

Bonus #3: How To Find and Hire An Editor (a $297 value)

This MP3 training and resource list will help you find the best editor (fiction + nonfiction) for your project and your budget.

Bonus #4: Sell More Books Masterclass (a $97 value)

This masterclass will teach you the foundations of building an author platform online and using it to sell more books.

Bonus 5: Lifetime Updates (priceless)

Whenever I update the Write Your Damn Novel course materials, you’ll automatically get access to the updates, forever.

This Workshop Is Perfect For You If You:

  • Don’t want to waste yet another NaNoWriMo writing a draft you can’t do anything with
  • Desire a process that allows you to take your idea, flesh it out and turn it into an actual story with structure and a scene-by-scene roadmap you can use to write your first draft (plus, a repeatable process you can use over and over again)
  • Would thrive with support, accountability and feedback from a professional novelist and story coach


“My story is finally (FINALLY!) taking cohesive shape.”

I struggled to write my story for almost a year. Now, it is finally (FINALLY!) taking cohesive shape and it’s all because of Jennifer’s help and support.

The coaching calls are by far and away the best thing about this workshop. The calls are fun, informative, and there is a really high level of collaboration with respect to the story itself. In other words, we spend much of the hour spit-balling ideas back and forth, seeing what works and what does, and in a word, it’s awesome.

This experience, to be able to bounce my ideas off of someone with an inherent knowledge of story structure, has been invaluable.

Johnna Hutnick, emerging novelist

Workshop Investment

Just the Course

  • Write Your Damn Novel–the full 8-week course
  • Private Facebook group–to get feedback, support and accountability from Jennifer and the other members during the workshop and during NaNoWriMo
  • BONUS: Continued support in the Facebook group during NaNoWriMo (November)


VIP Experience 

  • Write Your Damn Novel–the full 8-week course
  • Private Facebook group–to get feedback, support and accountability from Jennifer and the other members during the workshop and during NaNoWriMo
  • Two 1-on-1 calls with Jennifer (up to 60 minutes each), to be used at your discretion
  • Unlimited email access to Jennifer during the workshop for feedback, questions, support, etc.
  • BONUS: Continued support in the Facebook group during NaNoWriMo (November)


“I’m at 72,000 words in my work-in-progress!”

For a long time I daydreamed of “one day starting a novel.” That was six or seven years ago! Until you’re actively pursuing your goals, they’re just dreams with no substance, no real depth. And to have someone there to push you forward when you want to give up, that someone is hard to find, and it’s priceless.

If I didn’t sign up to work with Jennifer, my story would still only exist in my imagination, and I wouldn’t be at 72,000 words in my work-in-progress.

Chrissy Medieros, emerging novelist



“I have a complete outline with 60 scenes spelled out!”

I had little more than an idea floating in my head for over a year. I had attempted to write a couple scenes, but had no idea where to go with it. After working with Jennifer, I have a complete outline with 60 scenes spelled out. I am so excited to begin writing my first novel, and now I know it isn’t just a dream, it will become a reality, VERY soon! Thank you Jennifer!

Rhonda Houser, emerging novelist


Still Not Sure?

If you’re interested in this workshop, but want to talk to me first to make sure it really is a perfect fit for you, send an email to: Jennifer@JenniferBlanchard.net and let’s chat!

Write Your Damn Novel is the culmination of two decades of experience with writing my own stories and almost a decade of teaching and coaching writers on how to write cohesive, engaging stories. I’ve put my heart and soul into this course and believe so deeply that it will forever change the way you develop your ideas and write your stories.

Which is why I’m offering a 14-day money back guarantee—try the course out for 14 days. Follow along, participate, do all the assignments. If at the end of the 14 days you’re not satisfied with your results, just send an email to: support@jenniferblanchard.net with your finished assignments to show us that you did the work and we’ll refund the money you’ve paid up to that point.

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