Getting Next-Level Results FAST Requires Clear Desire, Relentless Determination and Unprecedented Focus on Doing the Mindset and Inner Work

Does your life (or business) ever feel a bit like the movie, Groundhog Day

You’re showing up, you’re putting in the effort, you’re doing the work, but the results are fleeting to practically nonexistent. You’ve been at this for years and yet not much as changed, or at least, not enough has changed. It’s like you’re living the same day and/or experiencing the same unwanted things over and over again with no end in sight.

Most of the time, you straight-up feel super annoyed and frustrated and like life and/or business should be working better and faster. 

You see online entrepreneurs who’ve been doing this for less time having more and faster success than you. You see everyone else getting what they want in life or creating the business they desire. And yet you feel like you’re doing or have done as much as those people and it’s just not working for you.

If you resonate with any of this, I’ve got some news for you… you are suffering from limiting beliefs and subconscious programming that is actually WORKING AGAINST what you consciously say you want.


I know, I know, this truth can be REALLY hard to hear and even to imagine that all your hard work and effort over the years hasn’t mattered much because your entire subconscious operating system is literally programmed to STOP YOU from getting what you want in life and business. It’s totally OK if you need to take some time to breathe as you process this information. It can be VERY confronting the first few times you hear it.

But with the truth also comes your POWER. 

Because when you’re aware of what’s really going on, then you can do something about it that will actually work. And it can work FAST if you fully commit yourself to going all-in on doing the mindset and inner work required to speed things up.

This is NOT for the faint of heart. It’s NOT for anyone who is unwilling to do the REAL work. It’s NOT going to change your life overnight.

But with clarity about what you want, relentless determination to finally change your subconscious programming, and a committment to previously unprecedented levels of focus on the mindset and inner work, you CAN and WILL change your inner (and outer) world and FAST.

Introducing… REPROGRAMMED: 21 Days of Extreme Mindset and Inner Work for Anyone Who is DONE Being Stuck, TIRED OF Experiencing the Same Unwanted Things Over and Over Again and READY to Go to the Next Level Like NOW

This program is about going DEEP into creating commitment, repetition and consistency around doing the mindset and inner work—the real work, the stuff that is actually the key to making everything work externally.

What We’ll Be Covering

Pre-Work: Get clear on what you want and committed to doing the real work over the course of the 21 days (and forever), to get aligned with those desires and the next-level version of yourself, plus tips on setting yourself up for success during the workshop

21-Day Workshop: 

  • Massively reprogramming your subconscious operating system—you’ll be pulling out ALL of that old bullshit nonsense garbage toxicity in your mind and inner world (the limiting beliefs, old perspectives/ways of thinking, the old stories + inner child work) and taking back control
  • Processes, practices, tools, etc., to help you get reprogrammed during the workshop—and to continue after it’s over
  • Build a consistent habit and practice of doing mindset and inner work every day—enough said

If you’re not doing DAILY mindset and inner work, you are not appreciating or taking advantage of the most powerful, valuable tool you have in your possession.

What You Get 

Here’s what you’ll be getting with this workshop:

  • Pre-work–delivered to your inbox after you sign up
  • A kick-off livestream on Day 1
  • One Q&A livestream halfway through the workshop
  • A Celebration livestream on Day 21
  • Daily journaling prompts
  • Activation audios, dropped throughout the 21 days
  • Private Facebook group for interaction with Jennifer and the rest of the participants
  • Support and accountability on your journey during the workshop
  • Lifetime access to the workshop content

Workshop runs: September 10 to September 30

Results You Can Expect From Doing This Work

You will get SO MUCH out of the Reprogrammed workshop if you fully show up and do the work, including:

  • No longer feeling “stuck” or “stagnant” in your life and/or business
  • Experiencing, attracting and receiving more of what you actually want (and way less of what you don’t)
  • Becoming next-level you and being able to repeat the process anytime you want
  • Feeling amazing, confident, aligned and just so freaking good inside yourself
  • Certainty and clarity
  • New thoughts, new beliefs, new emotions
  • Seeing actual progress starting to happen externally

Workshop Options and Investment

There are two levels available for the Reprogrammed workshop:

Option 1: Just the Workshop
Investment: $97

What you get:

  • The 21-day Reprogrammed workshop + pre-work
  • A private Facebook group for interaction with Jennifer and the rest of the participants
  • Bonus (see below)


Option 2: Workshop VIP
Investment: $997

What you get:

  • Two 30-minute private coaching calls with Jennifer, to be used at your discretion during the 21 days
  • Unlimited Voxer (or FB Messenger) access to Jennifer during the 21 days
  • The 21-day Reprogrammed workshop + pre-work
  • A private Facebook group for interaction with Jennifer and the rest of the participants
  • Bonus (see below)



And just because it’s not a workshop of mine unless I’m giving a badass Bonus, here’s what I’m giving you as a Bonus when you join us for Reprogrammed:

  • The Faith Trifecta: a 21-day self-paced course to release struggle, surrender, and trust—this is THE course for healing self-trust issues, dealing with God trauma and creating a foundation of Absolute Faith (a $197 value)

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