The Story Revision Kit

Process + Strategy For Revising Your Novel

There are two things that make revising the draft of a novel so damn overwhelming:

  1. Feeling like there’s no end in sight
  2. Not knowing where or how to even get started

This is especially true when you didn’t do a whole lot of planning or development before you sat down to write the draft.

I used to feel that exact same way–and I’m a story planner! Which means I plan and develop my stories ahead of time, before I write them.

But even I was struggling with the overwhelm of how to take the draft I had and turn it into the draft I wanted to have.

So I created a process to help me work through my revisions. I also have a specific strategy that I use, which includes looking for very specific things in my stories and making sure I cover all my bases.

I’ve used this process and strategy for all the novels I’ve written, including the one I published and the one I’m currently revising. 

And now I’m bringing that process and strategy to YOU!

The Story Revision Kit: Process + Strategy for Revising Your Novel.

This kit contains everything you need to work through the revision of your story, including: 

> Revision Process Overview–this audio will walk you through all the steps in the revision process, so you know exactly what to do and how long it will take you.

> The Revision Checklist–this checklist will help you work through each piece in the overall story revision process, making sure you cover ever step.

> The Craft Checklist–this checklist will help ensure you actually have all the most important pieces of writing a good story in your novel.

> The Writing Voice Checklist–this checklist will help you make sure you read and revise your draft looking for the stuff that makes your prose suck (things like repetitive words, prepositional phrases, bad grammar, etc.).

> Scene Writing–this video overview and cheatsheet will walk you through the scene and sequel sequence that your story needs and how to use it to revise your draft. This is MASTERCLASS level stuff that can change your story (for the better)!!

> Common Revision Problems–this audio will help you defeat three of the most common problems that plague writers who are revising.

> How To Know When You’re Done Revising–ah, the question that’s on every writer’s mind… how do I know when I’m done? This audio gives you an answer.

> Finding An Editor–this resource PDF has contact info for several editors as well as links for additional places to find editors at all different price ranges.

> Recommended Reading–because studying the art of writing stories doesn’t end with a first draft, this list of recommended reading will help you take your revision to a whole new level.

The Story Revision Kit is $49

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