So, You’ve Got An Idea For A Story?

Before you write a single word, find out if you're on the right track or not

The Story Evaluation

jen_16What It Is

An evaluation of your story idea by a professional writing coach.

How It Will Help

You’ll know right away whether you have a viable story ready to be written, or if you need to do more development in order to get to the core of the real story.

(Note: your feedback document will give you a variety of ideas for how you can make the story work if it doesn’t work at the time of submission.)

Who It’s For

The Story Eval is for any writer who wants to:

  • Know what your story’s about before you waste time writing a first draft
  • Avoid writing multiple drafts trying to find your story
  • Get professional feedback on your story before you write it

The Details

Once you submit your payment, you’ll automatically be redirected to a page where you can download the Story Evaluation Doc.

Whenever you’re ready, answer the questions on the document and then submit it to me via email (Note: instructions for how to do this are provided on the Story Eval Doc).

You will receive a 3-5 page feedback document that gives you an analysis on whether or not your story is viable as-is, as well as a bunch of ideas for how to tweak things and make them work. 

Feedback will be returned to you within one week (7 days) of submitting your Story Eval Doc. If you’d like to receive your feedback faster than that (within 3 days), choose the “Rush” option.

Your Investment

You have two options for the Story Eval. The one you choose will depend on how fast you’d like to get a response back:

  1. $75 (One Week Turn-Around)
  2. $95 (Rush: 3-Day Turn-Around)

Choose Your Option Below


$95 (Rush)