Be Part of A Community of Emerging Novelists

Aren't you tired of doing this whole writing thing all by yourself?


Would you thrive in an intimate community where you can ask questions about writing fiction, receive personal feedback on your work, and get lovingly supported by a professional writing coach and other writers who all have a similar goal?

Are you afraid that you’ll never figure out how to take the stories living inside you and turn them into written drafts?

Then you may just be the perfect candidate for a spot in the Write Better Stories Community.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 10.36.01 PMHey, I’m Jennifer Blanchard.

My genius as a writing coach lies in helping writers take abstract ideas, concepts, scenarios and situations, and turn them into full-blown stories that have structure, conflict and action.

That’s why I’d like to personally invite you to join me and a small group of emerging novelists in this virtual storytelling community.

I’ve Been Right Where You Are…

Back in 2008, I had no clue how to write a novel that was publishable. I had a dream of being a novelist; of having completed novels sitting in my desk drawer, just waiting for the right time to be shared with the world.

Except I had none.

All I had was a pile of drafts that were a total mess–none of the stories made sense, the structure was totally off (at that point, I didn’t even know that stories had structure!), and there was little-to-no real conflict or action going on.

Basically what I had were a few really bad attempts at reaching my goal of writing a novel I could publish.

So I dropped everything and totally re-educated myself on what it takes to write a badass story. I’ve read every book about writing under the sun, I’ve studied with bestselling authors, I’ve written and rewritten.

And now I’ve dedicated my life to teaching others how to write better stories.

I’m telling you this for two reasons:

  1. I understand where you’re at
  2. I can show you how to get to where you want to be

When it comes down to it, I’ve written novels. I’ve taught other writers how to do it, and I know without a shred of doubt that you can write a novel too.

What Is the Write Better Stories Community?

When I finally discovered what telling a story is really all about, I knew I had to bring this information to other writers who were desperate to know what they’re doing wrong; I knew I had to guide writers who were struggling to tell the stories that are living inside them.

It took four years of procrastinating, making notes, researching, discussing, experimenting, and learning as much as I could about telling a kickass story… but the community is finally ready for its debut.

You’ve got an opportunity to be part of an intimate community of writers, and get the support you need to finally write (or finish) your novel.

Here’s what you can expect from Write Better Stories:

  • Community, Not Competition–we’re all writers who want to write and publish stories. There’s no competition in this community. We’re all equals and we’re all in this together.
  • Direct Access to A Professional Writing Coach–that’s right. Since this is a virtual community, you get access to a writing coach pretty much whenever you need one. Ask questions, get feedback, and share your ideas and your writing with us.
  • Loving Support, Constructive Criticism–we’re all here to support each other in reaching our writing dreams, whatever they may be.
  • Connect With Writers From All Over the World–this is an international community: we’ve got members from New York, South Dakota, California, Arizona… and from Canada, the Netherlands, London … and everywhere in between.
  • Monthly Storytelling Content–served up at the first of every month, you’ll get: a full story deconstruction, which breaks down the structure and character arc of popular movies and books; an Author Spotlight interview with a traditionally published or self-published author; and a storytelling resource (a worksheet, checklist, etc) to help you implement each month’s lessons.
  • Ability and Confidence–you’ll be telling better stories in no time, which will help you be more confident as a writer, and aid you in writing better first drafts, faster than ever before.

Who This Community Is For

Write Better Stories is perfect for you if you’re ready to have a major breakthrough in your writing, and you’re:

  • A writer who understands that having structure helps you be more creative
  • Willing to suspend your prior beliefs about how to write a novel, and look at things with new eyes
  • Friendly, positive and constructively critical
  • Open to sharing yourself, your ideas and your stories
  • Desiring connection in your writing life–no more going at this alone
  • A believer in the power of community and collaboration–you know that we’re always stronger together than by ourselves
  • Interested in making friends with writers all over the world

Who This Community Is NOT For

This community would be completely wrong for you if you’re not willing to accept the fact that all stories must have structure, and that structure is the key to unleashing creativity. This also wouldn’t be the place for you if you’re:

  • Closed-minded when it comes to the writing process and aren’t willing to attempt anything new
  • Not looking to connect with other writers–you really do want to go at this all alone
  • Rude, negative or critical without being constructive
  • Not open to sharing your ideas, stories or yourself

The Investment To Be Part of This Community

Grab your membership to Write Better Stories for only $19 a month.

Payments are accepted via PayPal on a subscription basis, so expect the payment to post every month on the same day.


Write Better Stories Will Be Accepting New Members in September 2014–Join the Waitlist Below and Be the First to Know When Spots Are Available

Refund Policy: We won’t be able to offer refunds for past months, but we can cancel your subscription for you at anytime, just send us an email.


Who Else Will Be In This Community?

We’re a community of emerging novelists and storytellers from all over the world.

Will I Be Able To Share My Writing and Get Feedback?

Absolutely. That’s what we’re here for!

We just ask that you follow the “Sharing Your Writing Guidelines,” as outlined in the “Getting Started Guide” (which you’ll receive immediately upon signing up).

I’ve Never Written A Novel Before–Is That OK?

Of course! You are welcome here, no matter where you are in the novel-writing process. We have everyone from beginners to professionally published novelists hanging out in this community.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 10.34.51 PMIs This Community Affiliated With Larry Brooks of

Not directly.

I am a student of Larry’s, and a die-hard fan and follower of his work. I was inspired to create this community after reading his book, Story Engineering. I whole-heartedly recommend his book to every fiction writer I meet.

What I teach in this community comes directly from what I’ve learned from Larry, as well as my 12+ years of experience as a professional writer.

How Much Access Will I Have To The Writing Coach (Jennifer Blanchard)?

I’m not only the Writing Coach in this community, but I’m also a member.

So I check in a few times a day, every day. Which means you’ll be able to have access to me pretty frequently. Just post your questions, writing, etc, in the forums and I’d be happy to give you feedback.

We’re also blessed to have an amazing Community Admin who is available to answer questions and give you feedback when ya need it. She’s a seasoned screenwriter and a novelist too.

I Have A Question That Wasn’t Answered Here

No problem. Shoot an email to me and I’ll answer it for ya:

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