Writing A Book Doesn’t Have to Take A Ton of Your Time

In fact, you can go from Idea to Draft in just 90 days

Whether you’re thinking of writing an eBook, a book to be published or a simple PDF manifesto of your core message, you can write the best draft possible in a few simple steps.

You’ve probably had an eBook idea bouncing around in your head forever now, but you haven’t taken any steps toward actually making it a reality. Now’s your chance to write your draft!

I’m offering you an opportunity to get the behind-the-scenes guidance you need to take your eBook from a simple idea to a fully fleshed out eBook. During this workshop I’ll take you through the initial planning phase, guide you in creating an outline and then support you as you write your eBook.ebooks

From Idea to Draft: An Overview

When you sign up for the Idea to Draft workshop, you’re getting:

  • Weekly coaching calls to discuss assignments and get feedback 
  • Weekly assignments to keep you accountable and on-task
  • Email support between calls—email me whenever you need to
  • Professional guidanceI have written and published two eBooks
  • Accountability and support—so you’ll have everything you need to keep from slacking off

Join me for the next 90 days and take your eBook From Idea to Draft.

From Idea to Draft: The Schedule

We’ll be working at a relatively fast pace to ensure that you get your eBook defined, planned and written within the 90-day time frame. The weekly assignments and calls will keep you on-task and accountable.

Here’s a breakdown of the 3 month program:

  • Week One: Uncovering and Brainstorming Your Idea
  • Week Two: Refining Your Idea
  • Weeks Three and Four: Creating Your TOC and 1-Page Overview
  • Weeks Five through Twelve: Writing Your eBook

At the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll have the first draft of your eBook written and ready for revisions.

Take Your Book From Idea to Draft in 90 Days