Step Into the Identity of the Writer and Author You Dream of Being

How many times have you said, “This is the year I finally write and/or publish my book?” And yet the days, the weeks, the months, the YEARS go by and you still haven’t done what you said you would.

You wake up every morning thinking that this will be the day everything changes. But then your head hits the pillow that night with the same frustration, guilt and annoyance you had when you woke up.

Nothing changed. And it’s never going to. At least, not until you consciously choose to do something different.

It’s time for a writing habit revamp.

They say it takes anywhere from 21-66 days to form a new habit, but once you do, it becomes automatic, something you do with ease and without having to really think about it anymore.

Which means you could have a whole new writing life in around 2 months. (Think about that!)

Imagine waking up every day, ready to put words on the page and going to bed every night feeling proud of yourself for getting your writing done that day.

Imagine making real progress on the book project that’s been nagging you for months, maybe even years now.

Imagine finally becoming the writer and author you’ve always dreamed of being.

The Writing Habit Revamp Workshop: 21-Days of Discipline, Habit-Building, Support and Accountability to Get Your Butt In A Chair and Words On the Page. 

You’ve probably made every excuse and given every reason in the world for why you’re not where you want to be with your writing yet, but the truth is, the only reason you haven’t made it happen yet is because you haven’t created habits and discipline around doing what matters and what actually moves your forward in your writing life.

The Writing Habit Revamp workshop will help you step into the identity of the writer and author you dream of being, by creating the habits, discipline and consistency you need to achieve your writing goals. 

Isn’t it time you finally started taking your writing seriously?

It wasn’t until I made my writing a priority over everything else in my life that my writing career took off. I went from being a professional procrastinator to a 2x Best Selling Author with 10+ published books (and counting). Now I not only get my writing done every single day, but I make major progress on my writing goals every month.

What if this really IS the year you write and/or publish your book? 

What if this year, it’s not just something you say or think about, but it’s actually something you DO?

The Writing Habit Revamp workshop is your opportunity to make that happen.

In This Workshop You Will…

  • Create the writing habits you need to achieve all of your writing goals and dreams
  • Become disciplined to doing what matters
  • Achieve consistency in your writing life
  • Kick fear, doubt, procrastination and self-sabotage to the curb
  • Step into the identity of the writer and author you want to be

What You Get In This Workshop

> DAILY audio trainings with assignments, sent directly to your email, each one diving deep into how to create the habits, discipline and consistency you need to be the writer and author you dream of being

> DAILY accountability check ins to get you on track and help you make progress every day

> A PRIVATE Facebook group, so you can share , connect with the other participants and get support from Jennifer as you go through the workshop

Best of all, the trainings and actions/prompts are repeatable–you can go back to them over and over again whenever you need a boost of confidence to continue on your writing journey.

This Workshop Is Perfect for Writers Who Want To:

  • Create a daily writing habit that sticks
  • Start (or finish) your current writing project(s)
  • Become disciplined around doing your writing
  • Kick procrastination to the curb
  • Take your writing more seriously 

Doors to this workshop are currently closed.


And because I LOVE to give out bonuses, here’s what you also get when you sign up for the Writing Habit Revamp workshop:

1. How To Write A Story Synopsis (a $97 value)

This training + 2 synopsis examples will walk you through how to write a synopsis of your story that can be used to pitch agents and publishers, or just to get more clarity on your story as a whole.

2. Novel University (a $297 value)

This 7-part eCourse will walk you step-by-step through planning and developing your idea into an actual story, with structure and a scene-by-scene roadmap you can use to write your first draft.

* Bonuses will be delivered after the completion of the workshop*