You’re In For The Manifest Method

Welcome to The Manifest Method! 

I’m so happy that you’re joining us! Here’s what you should do next:

1. Set up your login for the member’s site

Follow these steps to set up your login:

  • Go to:
  • Click on the “I want this” button (top right of the page)
  • In the discount code box, type: PayThenPlan (you must type it exactly like that) 
  • Click “apply” to apply the discount code 
  • Enter your email in the box that pops up and click the “Get” button 
  • Create a password (bottom left side of the member’s site page) 

Once you’re logged in, you can find The Manifest Method course by clicking on “Library” on the left sidebar menu–you will have to confirm your email address the first time you log in before you can access it

>> LOGIN TO YOUR MEMBER’S SITE HERE (bookmark this page for future use) 

OR–you can download the Gumroad app on your phone (from the app store) and access the course from there 

If you have any questions, please email 

2. Join the Class of 2023 Facebook Group

>> Join the Facebook group here 

3. Mark Monday, March 27 at 11:30 a.m. ET and Noon ET in your calendar

I’ll be doing a kick-off livestream in the Facebook group to welcome everyone in and go over some admin details. If you’re available, I’d love for you to join me live. Module 1 will be recorded immediately after on Zoom (more details to follow).

You do not have to be there live–there will be a replay afterward that you can watch on your own time.

4. Dive into the pre-work

Inside your membership site you’ll find the pre-work for this course (if you participated in my 3-day Manifest Your Dream Life Challenge you may have already gone through some of it). I highly recommend checking it out before we officially kick things off on Monday, March 27. 

That’s it for now! If you need anything or have questions, post in the Facebook group or send an email to