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Structure is the core of every story. It’s what grabs the reader (or viewer, in the case of movies) and keeps them on the edge of their seats ’til the very end.

But learning structure and understanding how it works in a story are two totally different beasts. The best way to learn is to deconstruct stories, both movies and novels. (Why movies? Because the structure is the same as for novels, screenwriters just use different terminology. And you can watch several movies in a short period of time, whereas novels take awhile to read.)

In the Story Deconstruction Files you get full story deconstructions for 10 popular movies and 1 novel by a best-selling author. Discover how to implement structure in your stories by seeing how it works in other stories. The deconstructions break down the story structure, explaining all of the plot points, the story exposition and why it all works.

In this kit you get deconstructions for:

  • Leap Year (movie)
  • Rudy (movie)
  • Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella (novel)
  • If I Stay (movie)
  • Just Like Heaven (movie)
  • Beerfest (movie)
  • Bring It On (movie)
  • Cruel Intentions (movie)
  • Eraser (movie)
  • The Switch (movie)
  • What Women Want (movie)

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