Learning To Honor Your Money

Something I’ve been working on over the past couple of years is the idea of respecting my money and feeling good about how I’m using it, making it, spending it, etc.

For me, respecting my money looks like:

💰 Healing, releasing, clearing any limiting stories, old emotions or beliefs that don’t align with me and the money reality I desire to have

💰 Feeling good about the things I’m spending it on, investing it in, and buying with it (and when I’m not, finding ways to stop those things or find a way to make paying it feel good)

💰 Using it in ways that feel like I’m honoring it by making conscious decisions about it (as opposed to letting old subconscious money patterns continue to decide for me)

💰 Having an active relationship with it where I’m clear on what’s coming in, what’s going out, what debts are owed to who and for how much, and doing what I can to remedy old money situations a little at a time as I’m able to

🛑 No more head in the sand. No more negative emotions around money allowed (I mean I will still feel negative emotions about money sometimes but now I deal with it right away and don’t let it fester).

An example… my BF and I went on vacation and became obsessed with alkaline water. When we got back from our trip, we started buying it by the case.

We were spending upwards of $100 a week on bottled alkaline water.

It was really starting to add up. By mid-year we had spent more than a thousand dollars on it (hey, we like to stay hydrated!).

And it wasn’t feeling great.

We liked the water but we didn’t like the price tag of having to buy so many bottles. It wasn’t just the money, our garage was also full of bags of empty bottles (‘cause in NY you pay a container deposit and you can get it back by returning your bottles so we save them but who ever has time to return them? 😆).

And then the Universe sent me an inspired nudge that led to me finding out about a water machine that makes filtered alkalized water (living water that has the PH raised through electrocution and not from adding chemicals like alkaline bottled water).

Immediately it was a YES!

It felt like a way to honor my money. Instead of constantly spending it on bottled alkaline water which didn’t feel good to me (ugh I can’t even describe the disgusted feeling I used to get paying so much for bottles of water at the grocery store), I could make my own alkalized water and feel great about it!

I was saving money, saving myself from having thousands of bottles piled up in my garage, drinking higher-quality water, and helping the planet in my own small way.

Doing things that make me feel like I’m respecting my money feels good to me. And that makes me a vibrational match to more! 💰

P.S. I’m gonna be talking all about manifesting more money in my upcoming live course, The Manifest Method!!!

I didn’t grow up thinking, feeling or believing good things about money or the people who had it. Quite the opposite. I grew up believing that money was a struggle and hard to obtain and that rich people were bad. I had all kinds of fucked up inner stories about money.

And I’ve spent years of my life working through all of it because I’m worth it and because I get to have and make the kind of money I dream of and more.

Same goes for you!

And if you want a shortcut, so you don’t have to spend the years I spent, check out my upcoming live course, The Manifest Method, where I’ll be teaching you an 8-step process to get whatever you want without worrying about How you’ll do it.

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P.S.S. And if you wanna get your hand on one of those alkalized water machines, you know where to find me 😎

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