Live Your Dreams Now, Not Someday

Let’s face it–there are a lot of things you want to do in your life, you’re just not doing most of them. Most are just dreams or desires that you’ve put on the backburner for someday. 

The problem with putting things off is three-fold:

pastedGraphic.png You could be wasting time and energy thinking about and dreaming of something that you may not actually want 

pastedGraphic.png You’re not fully enjoying the journey of your life as much as you could be ‘cause you’re not doing the things you feel called to do 

pastedGraphic.png Someday may never come and then you’ll die with regrets instead of memories of you living your dreams

Scary stuff!!

But there’s a really easy way to ensure none of those things are a problem for you ever again. 

Introducing… Test Drive Your Dreams: The Workshop

Instead of constantly thinking about or dreaming of things that you’re not doing, you’re going to actually start taking action on one (or more) of those things. Right now.

No more waiting. No more putting it off. 

There’s always a way to start test driving a dream or desire. There’s always something you can do to move in the direction of your dream life. There are options for you to do those things now, not later.

It just takes some bravery and a willingness to give yourself permission to start doing it.

In the Test Drive Your Dreams workshop, I’ll be walking you through my signature process for test driving your dreams and desires. This is the exact process I wrote about in my book of the same name, and that I’ve used over and over again in my own life to test drive every dream I’ve ever had so far.

And you’ll get to finally start taking some action on and test driving a dream or desire you’ve been putting off for later. 

Not only will you get to have fun now and enjoy the journey more now, but you’ll also get clarity on whether this dream is a good fit for you. Clarity like this can be a game-changer.

It was for me.

In 2007, after YEARS of dreaming about starting a handmade jewelry business, I finally did it. I finally created that business. 

I took a class about making jewelry, and how to launch a handmade jewelry business. I made a collection of jewelry. I set up and hosted a launch party at my apartment. People came and they bought stuff from me. 

I was psyched. I was officially a professional jewelry designer and business owner. It was so great.

Until the day I actually had to sit down and make the orders. 

On that day, I got a harsh slap from reality… I hated making jewelry for money. I hated being forced to make jewelry because someone was paying me to. 

As it turned out, I enjoyed it more when I was just making it for myself or for friends and family as gifts. So I quit and instead focused on becoming the writer and author I am today, which is a much better fit for me.

But I never would’ve realized any of that if I hadn’t given it a test drive. 

If I hadn’t launched my handmade jewelry business and discovered that it wasn’t a good fit for me, I would’ve wasted who knows how many more years thinking about it and dreaming about it. And all the while not knowing that it wasn’t actually something I would enjoy.

Not to mention how boring, ordinary, and mundane life can be when you’re not actively doing something about the dreams and desires that are in your heart.

And you know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that never leave you alone. The ones that constantly nag at you, even when you ignore them. 

That thing you’ve been thinking about doing for years now. The thing that’s never far from your mind.


You could have that thing as part of your life right now. You could be living that dream or desire right now. Today. 

Maybe not all of it right away, but you could begin to move in that direction a little more every day until eventually it’s just a part of your life like anything else. 

It’s time to dust off your dreams, get out of your head, and get into action. 


This workshop includes: 

> 5 lessons + assignments – one training will be dropped in the Facebook group every few days over the course of the 14-day workshop; feel free to go at your own pace, there’s no rush

> A private Facebook Group – so you can interact with Jennifer and the rest of the workshop participants

> Unlimited access to Jennifer during the workshop, inside the FB Group – so you can ask questions, get advice, support and/or feedback as you begin test driving your dream/desire 

> Lifetime access to the workshop content + any content added in the future – you get to keep all of the workshop content forever, and you also get any new content that I add to the workshop in the future for free 


All you have to do to enroll in this workshop is buy a paperback copy of my book, Test Drive Your Dreams, and then forward your receipt to: 

Once we receive your receipt, within 24 hours you will be emailed a link to the private Facebook group where the live workshop will be taking place starting August 16.

After the workshop ends, you’ll also receive a link to a Dropbox folder that contains all of the content from the workshop–yours to keep forever.

Step 1: Buy a paperback copy of Test Drive Your Dreams here:…/dp/B093B7T3T4 

Step 2: Forward your receipt for the book to 

This workshop runs from August 16 to August 29.

Questions? Drop ’em in the comments.

Dream life or bust,

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