Making Peace with What Is

I finally made peace with paying taxes.

This was something that was SO hard for me over the last decade of being a full-time entrepreneur. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it or why I had to give up so much of my hard-earned income. ⁣

When I had a day job it was no big deal. The taxes were taken out automatically so there was nothing I could do and I just got used to however much money I ended up with. ⁣

But as an entrepreneur, I was the one responsible for setting aside the taxes from all of the money I made. ⁣

Except I never did it 😬⁣

I skipped paying quarterly taxes every year for an entire decade, always telling myself it’s ok not to pay them because I’m “not making that much yet” and “I can just pay them next tax season in April.” ⁣

Except I never did 😬 ⁣

I wouldn’t ever have the money to pay what was due at tax time—because it was always thousands of dollars—and I’d end up rolling it into a payment plan. For an entire decade. ⁣

I hated paying taxes. I didn’t believe anyone should get a cut of my money. ⁣

But what I never realized was the message I was sending to the Universe. ⁣

By not paying my taxes, and not setting aside the money to pay my taxes, and getting myself into debt with the IRS, etc… I was saying I wasn’t worthy of making the money I dreamed of.

I was acting like a hobbyist. Treating my business like it was just something I was doing until I didn’t feel like doing it anymore. Like something that was temporary. ⁣

I was treating myself and money badly by continuing to not find a way to accept that taxes are a part of life. And getting myself further into debt by not paying them and then having to keep adding the annual unpaid amount to my never-ending payment plan wasn’t helping me at all. ⁣

And the Universe wasn’t going to send me more money when I was treating money in such a way. ⁣

What I realized was so much of what was going on for me was simply subconscious programming around worth and money and taxes and limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck in a toxic cycle. ⁣

I had to break free. ⁣

Over the last three years, I have. I’m still on a payment plan for my old biz taxes, but at least now I’ve done and am doing my part to ensure changed behavior going forward. ⁣

💰 I’ve put a “tax system” in place in my biz now so I always pay my quarterly taxes, always have the money to pay them, and whatever is owed at the end of the year, if anything, is paid in full and on time. ⁣

🧠 I’ve reprogrammed a lot of my BS old inner stories and limiting beliefs around money and taxes and worth (and that’s an on-going journey). ⁣

👩🏻‍💻I’ve created a new identity for myself where I love being good with money, and treating myself and my money well matters to me. ⁣

All of this feels really good!! ⁣

And so, I’ve made peace with paying taxes. ⁣

My “tax system” has helped me to feel good about the money I set aside to pay my taxes with. I feel like I’m on the right track and I’m proud of myself. ⁣

This has allowed more money to flow into my life and from doing only the things I love and want to be doing. ⁣

“Making peace with what is” is an important energetic concept and one that I’ll be going much deeper on in my upcoming course, The Manifest Method!!

I’ve taught this course many times over the years under different names—F*ck the How the course, Act Like It, Manifestation Experiment, just to name a few—and THIS is the refined version. ⁣

After more than 15+ years of studying manifestation and intentionally applying energetic principles and concepts in my life. Experimenting and testing and tweaking. ⁣

The Manifest Method is the culmination of it all.

And since I think it’s important to hear things said in different ways and at different points of my journey—as I explained things differently back even a few years ago based on where I was on my journey—you get ALL of it! ⁣

My new version of the course, The Manifest Method, PLUS as Bonuses you also get F*ck the How the course, Act Like It, and MORE! These aren’t just Bonuses to entice you, they work with the course to give you a more thorough understanding of these concepts and actually be able to apply them in your life.

And as an extra plus, I’m teaching The Manifest Method LIVE for this first round (all other rounds will have the recordings from this round plus whatever else I add as the years go on). This is a huge opportunity to get direct access to me for coaching and questions as we go through the course.

There’s so much more I could say, but I already did on the sales page, so… go here and check it out:

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