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>> 5 Lies Writers Tell Themselves



>> How To Plan Your Story in 6 Weeks

>> The Three Stages of the Novel Writing Journey

>> Story Deconstruction: Remember Me?

>> The Value of “Pantsing”

>> A “Story Engineering” Success Story

>> How To Become A Badass Creative Writer

>> From Story Pantser to Story Planner: One Writer’s Journey

>> What Every Writer Must Know About “Hero Fact”


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>> 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence As A Writer


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>> 5 Ways to Go From Hobby Writer to Pro

>> The Serious Novelist’s Guide to NaNoWriMo

>> 5 Ways to Set Your Creativity On Fire



>> How Twitter Makes You A Better Writer

>> A 7-Step Creativity Cleanse for Content Creators



>> How To Avoid Competing With Your Friends

>> 9 Staples In My Gluten-Free Pantry

>> How To Go Gluten-Free Without Sacrificing Your Social Life

>> I Couldn’t Find A Cure For My Acne Until…



>> How To Play the Corporate Game and Launch A Business Simultaneously 



>> How To Stop Procrastinating and Start Your Blog

>> The Taylor Swift Guide To Growing A Massive Fan Base

Featured Articles/Podcasts

I’ve been featured in:




I spoke with Stacy of the JenningsWire about how to instantly improve your creativity, and be creative on command.

>> JenningsWire Podcast: How To Be Creative On Command


I spoke with Tom Morkes about creative health for his In the Trenches podcast.

In the Trenches with Jennifer Blanchard and Tom Morkes

Simply Real Health Talk

I spoke with Michelle and Rachel about how to eat for better creative juices and flow.

>> Unlock Your Creativity


I was featured in this GrindTV article about overcoming fears by facing them head-on.

>> Active Poodle Weiland Helps His Owner Overcome Fear of Dogs