Money Mentality Makeover: An Alumni Review

My MMM story is a little different than most. This is hard for me to share, but I think it’s important for anyone who’s where I was when I enrolled in MMM in the fall of 2020. ⁣

I had been living in a money sh*t show for my entire adult life. And by the fall of 2020, I’d had enough. On September 1 of that year, I committed to working on my money mindset/wealth consciousness for one hour per day. ⁣

Not long after, I stumbled upon Amanda Frances’ Money Mentality Makeover course. It felt like the right next move. I made the first MMM payment in faith and went through the Bonuses and Module 1. I even had a $4k day a couple of weeks later. ⁣

But by the time the second payment hit, I had no money and I lost access to the course. And then I hit financial rock bottom harder than I ever have.⁣

I had months upon months where no money came in. I was broker than I had ever been in my adult life. I couldn’t pay any of my bills. All of my bank accounts were in the red. I was getting late fees left and right. ⁣

But on the day I signed up for MMM, I did it with a declaration–this would be the moment that changed my money story forever.⁣

Well, it certainly didn’t look like that was the case for me. I told myself all of the old stories–of course it doesn’t work for me, I would be the one person it didn’t work for, etc. I was mad at myself for investing in yet another thing that didn’t work out. ⁣

But what I didn’t do was give up. ⁣

Even though I had no money to pay my bills, I reached out to Amanda’s team and told them my intentions, and they set me up with a lower payment plan that I could make work. The agreement was I had to pay half of it before I could get access to the course back. ⁣

I was committed to making those payments because I wanted the course back. I wanted to continue on my MMM journey and heal my money story for real. ⁣

For almost a year, I worked the principles from Module 1 and made my MMM payments while not having any access to the course. I continued to work on my money stuff in the meantime, in whatever ways I could.⁣

And as soon as I had a little more income coming in, I reached out to Amanda’s team, upped the payment amount and they gave me access to MMM again.⁣

For a whole year, I listened to something from MMM nearly every day (combined with other money work I was doing). I also continued to take radical responsibility for my money situation and for changing my thinking and habits around money. ⁣

Today, less than three years later, I’m in a totally different place with my life and my money. I’m on my divine path and building my dream life. I’m making more money than ever before, but this time it’s all from doing what I love and want to be doing. ⁣

My taxes for last year are already filed and paid (a first for me!). I paid off MMM and a bunch of other old debts (and I’m continuing to work through what’s left) and increased my credit score in the past 12 months by 120 points. I even just got pre-approved for auto financing (which never would’ve happened three years ago)!!⁣

And most importantly, I feel, think, and believe differently about myself and about money. I’m acting differently with and about money. I’ve embodied this way of living and I know it’s only going to keep getting better from here.⁣

MMM didn’t change my life–I changed my life by choosing to and doing the work. But MMM was the catalyst to me fully believing that it was possible and that I could do it.⁣

I’m not like most other MMM alumni. It didn’t work for me right away. I didn’t even have access to the course for a lot of my journey! But I continued to trust and believe that I would also eventually be an MMM success story. ⁣

And now I am.

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